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Amsterdam Publishers is the international online publishing house owned by me, Liesbeth Heenk. I am based in Holland and assist clients to publish their books.

An author of various bestselling books myself, I know the world of publishing inside out. I not only published with mainstream publishing houses such as Thames & Hudson, but have a wide experience distributing to e-tailers in Dutch, English, French, Spanish, and Japanese.

Being an author myself has the advantage that I am well aware of the many challenges authors are facing. Nowadays, with all these self-publishing platforms, it is not too difficult to get your book out there. The challenge is: how do you get a properly formatted, high quality book with precisely the right metadata and … how to get your book sold. For this, ‘assisted self-publishing’ is the answer. If you are interested in having the bestseller status on Amazon, we can help. This is teamwork.

Members of the Amsterdam Publishers team

  • Naoko Miyasaki (USA) (2014)
  • Kelly Rappleye (USA) (2014)
  • Clara Licht (Ecole du Louvre, Paris) (2015)
  • Angelique Olivia Moreau (Norway)
  • Maria Romero Fernandez (Spain)
  • Tessel van der Lugt (Amsterdam) (2014)
  • Elizabeth Hill (UK) (2014)
  • Malin (UK: editor, translator)
  • Caroline (UK: editor)
  • Nikita Indyk (publishing assistant / social media manager) (2015)
  • Mischa Westerhof (editor) (2015)
  • Johanna Kaszti (beta-reader) (2016)
  • Paul Bond (beta-reader) (2015)
  • Dagmar Simons (publishing assistant) (2017)
  • Monica Porzionato (editorial assistant) (2017)
  • Mariam Vergeti (editorial assistant) (2017)

Author Website Builder

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Social Media Managers

  • Génesis Gabriela Celis Tabares  (Unites States) (Spanish titles)
  • Zsa Zsa Bacaling (Philippines) (English titles)


  • Katrina Kirkwood


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