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Liesbeth Heenk is eigenaar van de internationale Online Uitgever Amsterdam Publishers, en heeft jarenlange ervaring met het uitgeven van eBooks en paperbacks op Amazon. Auteur van het Handboek Succesvol Publiceren op Amazon.

Turbulence by Bruce Mclaren

Turbulence Love can be a bumpy Ride - Bruce McLarenTurbulence. Love can be a Bumpy Ride by Bruce McLaren

A promising young academic flies off on an adventure, in search of romance, passion and love. Women dominate his thoughts and he thirsts for the erotic spark.

Sometimes his interactions live beyond his wildest dreams, while at other times his fantasies and desires collapse and crumble before his eyes. The sum of his experiences leads to an explosive finale that will shake you to the core, just like heavy turbulence.

Intelligent and humorous Turbulence is an adventure novel that dares to dive into the realms of erotica and inspirational romance. Through a series of encounters with women the unpredictable anti-hero develops insights into philosophy and religion, aging, love, sex and marriage. The hard lessons of life cause his views to constantly evolve in the face of depression, divorce, alcohol abuse, failure and tragedy.

There is only one constant, turbulence, which is capricious and unpredictable and can hit at any moment. If you like air travel, then you will love this erotically charged adventure, both supremely triumphant and heart-achingly tragic in one breath.

Amsterdam Publishers is very pleased to have taken on Turbulence by Bruce Mclaren, a delightful work of literary fiction that would otherwise have fallen through the cracks between the big publishers! We want him to write more! We feel that he is the contemporay male version of Anaïs Nin and LOVE his style of writing.

Did we find the male version of Anais Nin-Amsterdam Publishers

About the Author

Bruce McLaren is an Australian from rural New South Wales, who left home and just kept on going. He has an academic background in the archaeology and ancient history of the Middle East and Central Asia, regions in which he has both travelled and worked extensively.

McLaren received his doctorate in Middle Eastern Archaeology at the University of Sydney and published the first examination of the military architecture of Bronze Age Jordan in 2003. He has excavated at numerous sites across the Middle East, dating from the Neolithic to the Islamic Periods.

Since he was a boy McLaren always wanted to write. A keen observer of the wide world around him and the experiences to be had therein, he felt an insatiable urge to convey the passions he felt through writing. Turbulence represents his first foray into the mysterious and magical world of contemporary fiction. Compared to the strictures of writing a doctoral dissertation, writing contemporary fiction, unfettered and free to let the imagination run wild, has been a true joy to him.


Author Bruce McLaren at Khiva in 1997

An early review by Aimee Ann of the RedheadedBooklover blog

Turbulence, Love Can be a Bumpy Ride can only be described as a moving novel, full of poignant and passionate moments that will move its readers and stir their emotions from the beginning to the very end. The story of Turbulence, Love Can be a Bumpy Ride is one that will take its readers on an unforgettable journey across the world; the journey the reader experiences will make them smile, laugh and sometimes feel desire thanks to the erotic touches laced throughout the novel.

Bruce McLaren, the author of Turbulence, Love Can be a Bumpy Ride has expertly weaved multiple themes throughout his novel which all perfectly balance each other to make one brilliant, enjoyable read. Lacing various themes in a book is difficult, especially with a romance story because the author has to be aware of not including too many opposing ideas into the story but McLaren has expertly achieved this with his eloquent writing which flawlessly weaves all themes and topics which will keep readers engaged from the start. Turbulence, Love Can be a Bumpy Ride is a novel that is not easily categorized because of the numerous themes laced throughout it; it could be described as a romance, romantic erotica or even contemporary fiction. As this novel incorporates many themes that is why I think it will be the perfect read for all readers to get lost in and enjoy.

One plot device used by Bruce McLaren which astounded me the most is his exceptional ability to grasp the reader’s attention from the very first page. As I began to read Turbulence, I was immediately hooked and addicted to the storyline; the opening chapter is one which will grip its reader thanks to the author’s descriptive sentences and impeccable narration. The reading style of Turbulence is one of pure delight, the words flow so beautifully throughout that you never want them to end as this book has such a superb, natural tone to it; one that I adored immensely.

Turbulence, Love Can be a Bumpy Ride is a book that demands to be read by everybody; I would challenge all readers – even those who do not like romance – to read Turbulence and try not to fall in love with it. At one point in time, a reader will come across that one novel that will astound them and capture their attention like no other book has done before, and I believe this book can be that book for you. It’s beautiful narration, combined with its flawless literature, intriguing characters, and well-developed plot, make Turbulence an unmissable story and that is why I would recommend this book to all those that love the art of literature as it is a novel readers won’t be able to help but love.

Turbulence. Love can be a bumpy ride by Bruce McLaren-Amsterdam Publishers


Holocaust Memoirs of Classmate of Anne Frank: Nanette Blitz Konig

Holocaust_Memoirs_of_a_BergenBelsen_Survivor_by_nanette_blitz_konigHolocaust Memoirs of a Bergen-Belsen survivor & Classmate of Anne Frank by Nanette Blitz Konig

In these emotional Holocaust memoirs, Nanette Blitz Konig relates her story during WWII when she, together with her family and millions of other Jews were imprisoned with a minimum chance of survival.

Classmate of Anne Frank in the Jewish Lyceum of Amsterdam, with whom she met again in Bergen-Belsen shortly before Anne died. During these emotional encounters, Anne revealed to her how they hid, their deportation, her experience in Auschwitz and her plans for her Diary after the war.

The book describes the hourly battle for survival under the brutal and inhuman conditions in the camp imposed by the Nazi regime, continues with her struggle to recover from the effects of starvation and tuberculosis as a result of her imprisonment and then goes on with how she was gradually able to restart her life, marry and build a family.

About the Author

Nanette Blitz Konig (1929) lives in São Paulo, Brazil, is mother of three, grandmother of six and great grand mother of four. She has written the book to speak in the name of those millions who were silenced forever.

Launched on Holocaust Remembrance Day 2018.

Nanette Blitz-old and young and book

Amsterdam Publishers

Amsterdam Publishers specializes in memoirs written by Holocaust survivors. Holocaust survivor stories need to be kept alive. Every year, survivors with unique testimonies are passing away. This means that we will soon no longer be able to hear first-hand from the people who survived the Holocaust. Books and video testimonials by survivors will be the only ways to get to know their moving stories.

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The Mission of Abbe Glasberg by Lucien Lazare


Dinshah P. Ghadiali’s Color War by Steven Rachlin & Harvey Rachlin


In 1920 a Parsee Indian named Dinshah P. Ghadiali introduced to the world a new healing science that he spent decades researching. It was based on color therapy, and hundreds of medical doctors, surgeons, dentists and other health professionals subsequently used it in their practices with astonishingly successful results — often on patients that conventional medicine could not help.

Because laypersons could be trained to used this healing science on themselves, Dinshah’s therapy threatened the livelihood of health professionals. In time, the medical establishment, drug industry and U.S. government stepped in to stop him. They branded Dinshah P. Ghadiali a quack and relentlessly pursued him as Dinshah and his followers valiantly fought them off. In rich, vivid detail Color War unfolds this dramatic and remarkable story.

Color War by Steven M. Rachlin M.D., and Harvey Rachlin is the compelling story of a Parsee Indian who fought the medical establishment over his Spectro-Chrome Therapy Science.

EXPECTED: 4 February 2018


About the Authors

Steven M. Rachlin, M.D., is an internist who specializes in complementary and alternative medicine. He made national headlines in November 1994 when he delivered a premature baby on board a TWA flight (#265 from JFK to Orlando) and performed CPR to save the baby’s life. For several years he had a weekly radio show on WEVD (1050 AM) in New York City called Health 2000, which covered such topics as nutrition and preventive medicine. Dr. Rachlin has lectured widely to both professional and lay audiences over the years. He received a B.A. from Syracuse University and his M.D. degree from the University of Bologna, Italy. He did his medical residency at Winthrop University Hospital in Mineola, New York.

Harvey Rachlin (brother of Steven Rachlin) is the author of many books, including The Making of a Cop, The Making of a Detective, Scandals, Vandals, and da Vincis, and Lucy’s Bones, Sacred Stones, and Einstein’s Brain, which was adapted for the smash-hit History Channel series, History’s Lost and Found. His first book, The Songwriter’s Handbook, sold over 50,000 hardcover copies in thirteen printings, and was the best-selling book on the subject for many years; and his Encyclopedia of the Music Business won the ASCAP-Deems Taylor Award for excellence in music journalism, was named Outstanding Music Reference Book of the Year by the American Library Association, and was recommended by composer Henry Mancini on the 1984 internationally-televised Grammy Awards.

Their father sparked their interest for Dinshah P. Ghadiali’s Color healing Science.

Color War. Dinshah P. Ghadiali’s Battle with the Medical Establishment over his Revolutionary Light-Healing ScienceAuthors_ Steven M. Rachlin, M.D., and Harvey Rachlin(1)


I was moved by the dramatic stories of Dinshah and his devoted band of doctors and surgeons who used Spectro-Chrome with great results. It seems they were curing people left and right that traditional medicine could not help. Dinshah and his followers were pursued by organized medicine and the drug industry. These powerful industries do everything they can to safeguard the livelihoods of the members of their professions so Dinshah and his followers had little chance in defeating them. But we live in a different time today, where you don’t have to be politically correct to get your methods across, and we know organized medicine and the drug industry can be wrong even if they won’t admit it (it took the tobacco industry decades to tell the truth about the cancerous effects of cigarettes and only under great pressure). Open your mind and this book will open your eyes. This is a book everyone should read. Acute Health Observer – 4 February 2018

I was captivated by this book. I didn’t know anything about color therapy before I read it, but I was skeptical it could work when I looked at the book cover. As I read the book I realized what mattered more was the results health professionals were getting from it. I found Color War to be a riveting tale. It is little known and while I know there will be skeptics I recommend it highly just for the story itself. Whether light-therapy works or not is subservient to the story but it is so intriguing that I hope scientific research is done on color therapy. A great read! G – 4 February 2018


See You Tonight by Salo Muller

Salo Muller - See You Tonight and Promise to Be a Good Boy!See You Tonight and Promise to Be a Good Boy! by Salo Muller

In close collaboration with the Dutch publisher of Holocaust books, Uitgeverij Verbum, we will be releasing shortly Salo Muller’s book See You Tonight and Promise to Be a Good Boy! War Memories.

Salo Muller has written a narrative nonfiction book titledSee you tonight, and promise to be a good boy!’ . Those were the last words his mother said to him in 1942 when she took him to school, right before she was deported to Auschwitz.

She and her husband were arrested a few hours later and taken to Westerbork, from where they would later board the train that took them to Auschwitz.

The book is, in his own words, “the story of a little boy who experienced the most horrible things, but got through it somehow and ended up in a great place.” Salo, at only 5 years old, spent his time during the war in hiding, in as much as eight different locations.

The book tells the story of his experiences during the war, but also explains how he tried to make sense of his life after the war, being a young orphan. His memories are interwoven with historical facts and explanations, making it both an autobiography and a historical narrative.

Salo Muller became famous in the 1970s as the physiotherapist for Ajax, the Amsterdam soccer team. He treated renowned players such as Johan Cruijff, Sjaak Swart and Piet Keizer. He wrote the book Mijn Ajax in 2006, about his experiences with the team. After Ajax he started his own private practice and was the editor for Fysioscoop, the leading magazine on physiotherapy and wrote two books on injuries. In 2007 another book about his work as a physiotherapist was published: ‘Blootgeven’. Salo debuted with his first novel in 2013, De foto. The theme of this book is also the Holocaust. The why of the tragedy is something he can’t let go:

‘Hardly a day goes by when I don’t shed a tear but, unfortunately, it doesn’t change a thing.’

Salo Muller, author of See you tonight and promise to be a good boy! published by by AmsterdampublishersSee you tonight and promise to be a good boy!was the result of Salo’s participation in of the Shoah Project, initiated by Steven Spielberg and the USC Shoah Foundation, where his testimony was recorded. This encouraged him to write down his story.

The book was published in 2005 for the first time by Uitgeverij Houtekiet and published again by Uitgeverij Verbum in 2014. It was very well received, getting reviews in some of the major newspapers in the Netherlands, such as NRC Handelsblad and Volkskrant. The first copy of the book was presented by him to the mayor of Amsterdam, Eberhard van der Laan, at the book launch in 2014.

Eberhard van der Laan with Salo Muller's book

Salo Muller is regularly invited to speak about his war memories and his experiences at schools, institutions, museums and television shows. The book is often used for lessons in schools and would serve well as a textbook.

Amsterdam Publishers

Amsterdam Publishers specializes in memoirs written by Holocaust survivors. Holocaust survivor stories need to be kept alive. Every year, survivors with unique testimonies are passing away. This means that we will soon no longer be able to hear first-hand from the people who survived the Holocaust. Books and video testimonials by survivors will be the only ways to get to know their moving stories.

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Salo Muller See You Tonight and Promise to be a Good Boy!-Amsterdam Publishers

Surviving PTSD & moral injury by Erik Krikke

Surviving PTSD & moral injury by Erik Krikke (Amsterdam Publishers)Surviving PTSD & moral injury. How an Afghanistan veteran breaks the silence on mental illness by Erik Krikke

In 2007 Erik Krikke worked at the surgical department of the NATO Role 3 MMU hospital at Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan. In the middle of a war zone, the medical staff worked around the clock, to perform live and limb saving surgery. He treated injured fellow military personnel, local police, but also innocent victims of the war. He saw hundreds of severe injuries during this time, and especially children suffering from war wounds made a deep impact on him. Erik returned with many invisible wounds. Back at home he started suffering from flashbacks. A sound or a comment, a certain image or a particular scent would instantly transfer him back to that hospital at Kandahar Airfield.

All the experiences get to him. At night the deceased and seriously disfigured visit him and keep him awake. They look at him with eyes full of blame. Erik feels guiltier by the day. It makes his life hell and he isn’t able to enjoy his family, his two young children.

After many years he finally realises he has to break the silence. He asks for psychological help, as he is slowly losing his mind. So much so, that after all these years he is seriously considering ending his life.

This is when his toughest battle yet begins. As a veteran he has to confront his trauma, his PTSD, but above all, himself.

Surviving PTSD by Erik Krikke, published by Amsterdampublishers

About the Author Erik Krikke

Erik Krikke (1976) is a husband, a dad of two and a veteran. In Surviving PTSD he openly describes the impact of war in a raw and gripping way. He puts a spotlight on the work of a medic in a war-torn country. In 2016 Erik won the Boekgoud awards in the Dutch non-fiction and biography categories, and was also crowned the overall winner. Thanks to the exposure and awareness generated, Erik is becoming the face of the psychotic illness that is PTSD.

Tens of thousands of people deal with PTSD on a daily basis. A post-traumatic stress disorder isn’t just something soldiers suffer from, but also affects healthcare professionals, police officers, firefighters and EMS personnel. There are also many men, women and children who suffer from it after a traumatic experience in their lives. Families that have to live with PTSD live in a world that they simply can’t control. People don’t talk about it and conversations about it are, by its very nature, heavy and difficult.

Surviving PTSD Theatre Tour – 7even Bridges

Erik writes about his experiences that led to his PTSD and his moral injury in his book Surviving PTSD. And it doesn’t stop there. He and his band 7even Bridges are touring Europe with their very own theatre tour, in which his stories serve as a guide for a night of musical theatre filled with emotions, tears and laughter.

The show is an intense and impressive experience, with gripping theatre accompanied by beautiful songs. 7even Bridges is truly a band of brothers with over 25 years of stage experience and is well known for their vocal harmonies and musical accomplishments.

Erik and the band are currently working on their debut album, titled ‘Break the Silence’. Each song on the album covers a chapter of Erik’s story.

All the conversations, books and performances are nothing more than another part of the process, because Erik doesn’t think he will ever be freed of PTSD. His only motivation is to help others who are burdened with it and help them to break their silence. Every wonderful response and review to his book and theatre show, each compliment after one of his lectures reinforces his belief that the taboo around trauma and PTSD needs to be broken.


Fifty Ways I Screwed up my Life by François de Waal

Fifty Ways I Screwed up my Life - Francois de WaalFifty Ways I Screwed up my Life and How you can avoid this, a self-help book by François de Waal

Motivational books hold a big share in the publishing industry since people always want to improve their lives. Indeed, there are many books out there that have really helped people to do so. Most of them, focus uniquely on the things people can do rather than on the mistakes made.

But Fifty Ways I Screwed Up My Life and How You Can Avoid This, being a problem-solving book, takes up people’s own mistakes and addresses the extent to which they influence the course of our lives. The mistakes described in fifty chapters, are actually the mistakes made by the author, the Dutch journalist François de Waal .

De Waal wrote a delightful self-help book that everyone can relate to. It is a book about the ways people become their own enemies and sabotage things for themselves. In fifty humouristic, yet realistic chapters, he describes the fifty ways he managed to screw up his own life. He made every mistake in the book when it came to love, relationships, money, sex and work. Littered with egotism, self-sabotage and silent despair, he muddled along for years without any light at the end of the tunnel.

Fifty Ways I Screwed Up My Life by Francois de WaalThe Kindle version is on pre-order at this moment for the introductory price of $0.99, and will be available on 30 November. Download your copy here.

Every chapter deals with a mistake he has made in his life that made him unhappy. Not only does François de Waal explain each mistake (many of them are so recognisable!), but he also offers practical solutions, which can help readers overcome their mistakes and find the core of their problems.

If you are not satisfied with your life but you still don’t know why, then Fifty Ways I Screwed Up My Life and How You Can Avoid This could be the book for you. You can either relate to all chapters or to some of them, but you’ll definitely realise how small things you keep doing influence big parts of your life.

This self-help book will make you laugh, think, and revise your worldview, and could well become your life-long partner. Certainly, you will find plenty of applicable advice in there since the author writes only about the things that actually worked for himself and he doesn’t propose any utopian solutions.

About the Author, François de Waal

François de Waal was born and raised in Amsterdam. After his law studies he became a journalist. Later he worked for television, he worked on all kind of programs, such as talkshows and documentaries. The last 6 years he worked as a lawyer to assist victims of crime. He has a relationship that now lasts 35 years.

François de Waal with picture of Ophrah Winfrey


A fun and honest life guide that gets to the basics of personal development and how to be a happier, more productive person. Readers will identify with the author’s setbacks and be heartened by his useful tips for success. – Tom Butler-Bowdon, author of “50 Self Help Classics”

In his excellent book Francois de Waal talks about everyday kinds of problems and depressing thoughts and worries that just about everyone has but that nobody talks about. It is refreshing to read someone writing so candidly about it. The writing is personable and engaging. It is disarmingly charming to read someone so honestly not perfect but who has sincerely tried to come up with good solutions to common problems and found some good ones!

De Waal admits so many foibles and character flaws that I have but that I have never admitted. I think most people would have a similar experience reading this book. The openness of it is freeing. It is a relief to have it all out in the open, and to admit, at least to myself, my own selfishness and arrogance and pettiness. I feel I am a better person from reading the book.

Fifty Ways I Ruined My Life — And How You Can Avoid This is excellent. Well written. It is compelling reading from start to finish. And the author gives good, practical suggestions which are refreshingly brief and to the point. Well done. – Adam Khan, author of  “Self Help Stuff That Really Works”


Stateless by Gerard van Leeuwen

Stateless_gerard_van_leeuwen_amsterdampublishers_finalcoverStateless – One Man’s Struggle for an Identity by Gerard van Leeuwen

What would happen if, when we were born, our birth-certificate was not issued? And how would life look like if, because of this oversight, we would not be able to obtain valid documents, medical help, civil rights or any possible declaration of existence?

Stateless – One Man’s Struggle for an Identity is the story of Kamal Kojadin, born in Zagreb in 1944 and convicted to a life of falsified papers, arrests, lies, prejudice and bureaucracy; a man whose identity has been taken away in a world marked by the ending of the Second World War. Only one year old, Kamal looks for safety in Italy with his parents, then flees to Egypt, Lebanon, Syria and, after the death of his dad and without any document, returns to Yugoslavia at the beginning of the bloody years of its breakup, a place he is able to leave only after his first ID is issued, more than thirty years later, at the age of 66.

Gerard van Leeuwen writes a beautiful book which serves as a precious testimony for the struggles faced by all those human beings who are not granted a social identity, who do not belong anywhere, and who are not welcomed anywhere.


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This book forces us to reflects upon those rights that we so easily take for granted, such as the right to cross borders but also the right to obtain our parents’ inheritance, or to be able to declare ourselves as the fathers of our children. It reminds all of us how life is determined by chances, especially those not taken, and how unjust a society can turn out to be when it does not recognize its own cracks, and its own citizens.

Statelessness is available on Amazon as Kindle ebook and paperback, and can be ordered by bookstores via Ingrams.

10 million people are stateless, like Kamal

About the Author

Gerard van Leeuwen is an expert on education who now helps put the results of academic research into practice. A chance encounter with Kamal and his astonishment about what can happen to one man for the simple reason that he has no birth certificate, inspired Gerard van Leeuwen to write this book. It is his attempt to highlight the humanity of stateless people and of refugees, who are often reduced to statistics, case files and quotas, but are in fact just people like you and me.



Great review by bookblogger Darya Danesh:

Stateless: One Man’s Struggle for an Identity by Gerard van Leeuwen


Blogpost by Author Gerard van Leeuwen on the website of European Network on Statelessness:


Among the Reeds by Tammy Bottner

Among_the_reeds_tammy_bottner_amsterdampublishersfinalcoverAmong the Reeds. The true story of how a family survived the Holocaust by Tammy Bottner

Can past experiences affect the DNA? Does the happiness and sorrow of our ancestors determine our present well being? In other words, can trauma be genetically transmitted and remain alive with future generations?

These are the main questions physician Tammy Bottner tries to answer in her book Among the Reeds, a reconstruction of the story of her Jewish family during the Holocaust.

With this book, Bottner attempts to heal the anguish of her transgenerational trauma and to understand why facts that do not have any apparent relation to her ancestors awake in herself the trauma lived by her grandparents and provoke an unconscious fear of danger and uncertainty.

Tammy Bottner holding two books of Among the Reeds

The author tries to understand how the effects of those terrifying years seem not to vanish with those who had experienced them but, rather, remain alive also decades after, thousands of miles away. By relying mainly on epigenetics theories, Bottner wrote a book that is both a biography and a scientific reflection on the transmission of traumatic experiences onto future generations.

Interview with Dr Tammy Bottner, author of Among the Reeds (Amsterdam Publishers)

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While on the one hand Among the Reeds contributes to give voice and accountability to the horror of those years by showing a harsh, though interesting, portrait of Europe during Nazi occupation, on the other hand this book is especially for those willing to courageously reflect upon what has been left to them by their parents and what they will, in turn, be leaving to their children.

History repeats itself because its faults remain alive in our own cells. Among the Reeds thoroughly explains this transmission, and thereby convincingly deconstructs its effects in our present daily lives.


“The Holocaust destroyed the lives of millions of Jews.  In this gentle memoir, Tammy Bottner rescues several of those lives from oblivion by telling their story.” RABBI HAROLD KUSHNER, author of When Bad Things Happen to Good People.


Among the Reeds by Tammy Bottner number 1 bestseller

On the longest day of the year, 21 June 2017, a few weeks after its launch, Tammy Bottner’s Among the Reeds became a #1 bestselling book. This might not be such a surprise given its fascinating subjectmatter. But amazingly, she has more daily booksales than the number 2 which happens to be a New York Times Bestseller by a Pulizter prize winning author..!

Among the reeds by Tammy Bottenr is a number 1 Amazon bestseller

By 19 July 2017 Among the Reeds was a number 1 Amazon Bestseller in two categories, and held a second place in a third category. Well done Tammy!


Wish I could have been there! Tammy Bottner signed lots of copies of her succesful Among the Reeds at Jabberwocky Bookshop on 20 July 2017. Over 100 people listened to Tammy reading from her recently published WW2 biography.


About Tammy Bottner

Tammy Bottner is a physician who treats children and adolescents in a small city north of Boston. She lives with her husband Danny Carlat, and their two nearly grown children. When she is not seeing patients or writing, Tammy enjoys yoga, dance, tennis, biking, photography, travel, reading and spending time in nature. This is her first book.

For more information see also:

Amsterdam Publishers Author Dr Tammy Bottner

Among the Reeds in the press

News feature about Tammy Bottner’s book Among the Reeds in NewportNews of 16 June 2017 On the occasion of Father’s day she tells about the genesis of her book.


On 19 July 2017 another article appeared in the Newburyportnews announcing Tammy Bottner’s booksigning at Jabberwocky bookshop in the Tannery on Thursday 20 July 2017 at 7 pm.

On 23 July 2017 Tammy Bottner was interviewed by Boston radio.

On 25 July 2017 the Whole Being Institute posted an excerpt from Among the Reeds on their website.

On 27 July 2017 a lengthy and very positive review by Larry Constantine appeared in the Jewish Journal.

On 9 August 2017 the Newburyport News announced a special event. On 12 September author Tammy Bottner will be together with her dad and his sister who survived the Holocaust in Belgium as young children. Both now in their 70’s, they are her father and her aunt. Since her dad lives in Florida, and her Aunt Irene in Israel, this will likely be a once-only opportunity to have them together for a talk.

On 31 August 2017 Dr Tammy Bottner was on TV at 9:45 am discussing the genesis of her book Among the Reeds. New England Cable News (NECN), with Brian Shactman.

Tammy Bottner author of Among the Reeds interview Boston television

On 6 October 2017 Tammy Bottner was interviewed on WOCA the Source Radio.

Radio interview (16 October 2017) with Tammy Bottner, Sherman Lunchbox on K-zone.

Finally an interviewer who lets an author speak without much interruption. Wish we had more of those.

Amsterdam Publishers

Amsterdam Publishers specializes in memoirs written by Holocaust survivors. Holocaust survivor stories need to be kept alive. Every year, survivors with unique testimonies are passing away. This means that we will soon no longer be able to hear first-hand from the people who survived the Holocaust. Books and video testimonials by survivors will be the only ways to get to know their moving stories.

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See you tonight and Promise to be a Good Boy! by Salo Muller
















The Hidden Village

The_hidden_village_imogen_matthews_amsterdampublishersThe Hidden Village, historical fiction set in WW2, by Imogen Matthews

Deep in the dense woods of the Dutch Veluwe lies a monument in memory of six Jews who were shot by the Nazis in October 1944. Every year on Commemoration day, inhabitants of Vierhouten and neighbouring Nunspeet gather to put flowers on the memorial stone.

What’s the story behind this monument, hidden deep in the woods near Vierhouten?

During the Second World War all Jews faced deportation to concentration and death camps by the Nazis. Since chances of discovery were less likely in the Dutch countryside, some were desperate to get shelter outside of the big cities. Around Vierhouten in the province of Gelderland many were looking for a hiding place. Due to the large numbers of refugees, the villagers could no longer shelter them in their own homes. The villagers of Vierhouten, led by the lawyer Von Baumhauer and the Bakkers, decided to go deep into the woods to build wooden huts that housed as many as 100 people.

Reconstruction of one of the huts of the hidden village

Unfortunate discovery of the Hidden Village

From February 1943 until October 1944 the refugees lived in these huts many below ground. Their very survival depended on the goodwill and courage of the villagers. With Germans roaming about the place it was very hard to bring food and supplies to the people in the hidden village. Unfortunately the huts were discovered and eight Jews in total were shot. The other 78 luckily managed to escape. Apart from Jewish families, the hidden village was also occupied by young Dutch men trying to avoid Arbeitseinsatz (enforced labour in Germany), refugees from nearby camp Amersfoort and stranded pilots from the Allied forces.

When Imogen Matthews, an Oxford author, came upon the memorial during one of her cycling holidays in Holland, she was intrigued. She discovered the three huts that were rebuilt in 1970 and 1995. Being of Dutch descent herself, she was able to read Het Verscholen Dorp, Verzet en Onderduikers op de Veluwe by A. Visser. The remarkable story of the Jews in hiding sparked off her imagination.

The result is The Hidden Village, a fast-paced work of historical fiction. The book does not claim to be historically accurate. The author used the subject of people hiding in the woods from the Germans as the starting point for this fascinating piece of fiction. Recommended reading for all of those interested in WW2 novels, and, especially, those set in wartime Holland.

The Hidden Village by Imogen Matthews is available from Amazon (Kindle ebook) and as paperback, and in all good brick and mortar as well as online stores worldwide.

Bestseller The Hidden Village

On 13 June 2017 The Hidden Village reached bestselling status in no less than 3 different categories. The book is clearly being appreciated! Ever since it has been a bestseller in all three or even more  categories, and the overall ranking has been in the low hundreds. Imagine, this is the ranking of all books on Amazon! Absolutely amazing. And it has well over 300 reviews.

Author-imogen-matthews-and-amsterdam-publishers-liesbeth-heenkDiscussing our 2018 marketing strategy in a brown cafe in Leiden (Holland): Imogen Matthews and publisher Liesbeth Heenk.


About the author

Imogen Matthews lives in Oxford, England and is the author of two romantic fiction e-novels. The Hidden Village is her first foray into historical fiction. Born in Rijswijk, Holland, to a Dutch mother and English father, the family moved to England when Imogen was very young. She has always enjoyed holidays in Holland and since 1990, has gone regularly with her husband and two children to Nunspeet on the edge of the Veluwe woods. It was here that she discovered the story of the hidden village, and, together with her mother’s vivid stories of life in WW2 Holland, she was inspired to write her next novel…

Author of The Hidden Village Imogen MatthewsImogen Matthews, author of The Hidden Village:

“I remember the first time I came across the village hidden deep in the Veluwe woods in Holland. We were on one of our favourite cycle routes bowling along paths framed by tall beech trees when I spotted a memorial stone I hadn’t noticed before. Chillingly it told how a number of Jews had been shot dead by the Germans not long before the end of the war. They’d managed to stay hidden in a village of purpose-built huts for nearly 2 years.
What struck me about this episode frozen in time was how courageous & resilient these people were. So too were the many who were prepared to shelter these refugees by putting their own lives at risk. I didn’t want to write a historical account of these events as I already had ideas for a fictional story and my characters were taking shape in my mind.”


The Hidden Village in the press

Imogen Matthews wrote a guestpost in A Lover of Books on 12 July 2017

On 27 September Imogen Matthews was interviewed by the Belgian Reviewer in the Author Spotlight.

On 25 August 2017 The Hidden Village by Imogen Matthews was featured in the Oxford Times.

The Hidden Village by Imogen Matthews in Oxford Times










Healing Power of Pain

The_healing-power_of_pain_ybe_casteleyn_amsterdam_publishersHealing Power of Pain – Stories of Trauma and Recovery by Ybe Casteleyn

Being bullied, being beaten, being threated, but also receiving a severe punishment, a humiliating comment, having an uncaring parent, and living a difficult goodbye can all be examples of traumatic experiences which – no matter the passing of time –  influence our present feelings and behavior.

With her book The Healing Power of Pain, psychotherapist Ybe Casteleyn not only offers us the tools to question and understand how trauma works and persists within ourselves, but through her words we feel the presence, the attention and the care of a fellow human being willing to share with us the burden and pain of our past.

The Healing Power of Pain is an easy-to-read guide for the heavy-hearted, a book that helps us understand the underlying causes of why we seem to be plagued by negative emotions, fears and a lack of self-esteem. Not all of us turn straight to a therapist when we experience emotional pain. We may want to read about it first and see how we can come to grips with it ourselves.

This book uses the power of real-life stories, stories that most of us can relate to. Moreover, the unique use of practical exercises, poems and songs allow readers to anchor what they have learned to create a life that is not only more bearable but in many cases truly transformed.

The psychotherapeutic insights illustrate how the various forms of trauma can impact us and how we can make great strides in alleviating our own pain following times of trauma, loss and grief.


How can the book help dealing with with trauma

Real tales, real people, real traumas.. People escaping from homophobic countries, from abusing parents, people incapable of loving themselves, people who love too much. The Healing Power of Pain is a collection of stories of traumatized souls presented through the lens of their psychotherapeutic healing process. “Empathy,” says Ybe Casteleyn “means to share the pain and the burden of traumatic experiences and it is the essential goal of therapy.”

Through a peek into people’s lives and into their struggles, with her book Ybe Casteleyn offers a clear and mindful guide for whomever interested in receiving or expand their knowledge on trauma theories and learn how to recognize, understand and emphatically relate with wounded human beings.


About Ybe Casteleyn

This highly accessible guide is written by Ybe Casteleyn, the internationally-respected psycho-traumatologist whose trauma bus can regularly be found in Europe’s refugee zones. It is her strong belief that a ‘trauma-informed’ society creates a better world in which we can more easily talk about and overcome our pain.


> A valuable resource for all those affected by trauma, great or small <






The Dead Years by Joseph Schupack

Dead_years_holocaust_memoirs_joseph_schupack_amsterdampublishersThe Dead Years – Holocaust Memoirs by Joseph Schupack

Holocaust survivor stories need to be kept alive.  Every year, survivors with unique testimonies are passing away. This means that we will soon no longer be able to hear first-hand from the people who survived the Holocaust. Books and video testimonials by survivors will be the only ways to get to know their moving stories.

The sons of Joseph Schupack (1922 – 1989) have decided to republish their father’s testimonial, The Dead Years in order to keep his memory alive by giving it better exposure.

Amsterdam Publishers is very pleased to have released the revised and augmented edition. The Dead Years is our fourth Holocaust memoir, and we are committed to continue to bear witness to the atrocities committed by the Nazis during the Second World War.


Joseph Schupack’s two sons are grateful to Liesbeth Heenk and Amsterdam Publishers for the opportunity to make their father’s work available to a wider audience and wish to further the project of remembrance of the Holocaust by donating the proceeds of The Dead Years to benefit Yad Vashem‘s causes, to take effect from 1 July 2017.


The Dead Years is different from most Holocaust Survivor stories. Not only is it a testimony of the years wasted before the second world war in Poland and subsequently in the concentrationcamps of Majdanek, Auschwitz, Dora / Nordhausen and Bergen-Belsen in Germany and Poland, but it also serves as a witness statement. Although it has been written years after the events took place, the author has tried to mention as many names, places and dates as humanly possible. It contains a wealth of information for researchers and people interested in the era, or coming from Radzyn-Podlaski and surroundings.

The Dead Years is a deeply personal book. Schupack saw how people in the depths of misery shared their last morsel of food, how they were prepared for any sacrifice. There were many examples of brotherly love that grew out of empathetic pain.

Schupack describes the rampant anti-Semitism he encountered when he tried to reclaim his possessions in Poland after the end of the war. For the Poles in his home town, the best Jews were the ones who did not return. A new, strictly anti-Semitic organization had been founded and its primary goal was the liquidation of all Jews returning from hiding or concentration camps.

After the war the author confronted his demons, mentally scarred by his experiences, and suffering from a chronic anxiety about the future and a permanent feeling of insecurity. It is a miracle how he has come to terms with his memories. We are deeply grateful that he confided his memoirs to the paper, so we never forget.


The Dead Years also available in German as Tote Jahre

Dr Volker Katzmann has kindly gave us permission to republish the original version of The Dead years (Tote Jahre). Since 24 September 2017 it is available as eBook and paperback on Amazon.

Tote Jahre von Joseph Schupack, herausgegeben von Amsterdam Publishers

On 9 January 2018, Tote Jahre was offered for free. The ebook shot up the ranks very quickly, and around 2 pm it was the #1 bestseller of all free ebooks on the German amazon site, with over one thousand downloads. Pretty spectacular!

An excerpt from The Dead Years

Like a stranded man among the stranded, like a sufferer bound to all sufferers, I stood alone in front of the shambles of my life which had stopped when I was seventeen years old and from which nothing could be salvaged or repaired.

My own Holocaust had started almost five years before. I was very young then, but in the meantime had aged much more than those five years. The time of youth, when the basis for a human being is created and his personality is formed, the time of cheerful memories, of school, of first love – this period of laughter and pranks from which everyone derives pleasure for a lifetime – this period did not exist for me and my contemporaries. It was taken from us because we were born Jews. We spent this period in a hell among devils in human form. Those years were dead years.

No nightmare, no horror story, no fantasy can be compared to life in that inferno. Those five years seemed like a lifetime to me; I thought that I had been born and always lived there. Sometimes I would strain my memory to remember the time before 1939.

Then, my world was comprised only of Jews and non-Jews. I saw the world divided into the persecuted and the persecutors, the tortured and the torturers: on the one side, the beaten and the dead, on the other, the sadists and murderers. We Jews were always given the role of the persecuted. Even after the liberation I did not dare to think of changing roles, although I had wished it before: just once I wanted to play the other part and then die. The outrageous injustices committed against us hurt us more than all the resulting suffering. I could forgive neither God nor mankind for what I had witnessed and experienced during the extermination of our people. There is a lot of injustice in the world, but for that kind there is no consolation. Like a wounded animal I thought that I had to show my wounds to the world with its morals, political parties, organizations and religions so that not only the crimes of the murderers, but also the injustices committed against us Jews would be recognized.

To wake up from this trauma, conscious of the necessity to see and judge the world and people differently, to overcome the past was my problem and that of all my fellow sufferers.

The Dead Years is a poignant story offering a unique perspective on the lessons of the Holocaust for future generations


Amsterdam Publishers

Amsterdam Publishers specializes in memoirs written by Holocaust survivors. Holocaust survivor stories need to be kept alive. Every year, survivors with unique testimonies are passing away. This means that we will soon no longer be able to hear first-hand from the people who survived the Holocaust. Books and video testimonials by survivors will be the only ways to get to know their moving stories.

In case you enjoyed reading these memoirs you might be interested in reading some of the other titles:

Outcry – Holocaust Memoirs by Manny Steinberg

Hank Brodt Holocaust Memoirs by Deborah Donnelly

Among the Reeds by Tammy Bottner

The Mission of Abbe Glasberg by Lucien Lazare

Holocaust memoirs by a Bergen-Belsen Survivor & Classmate of Anne Frank by Nanette Blitz Konig

See you tonight and Promise to be a Good Boy! by Salo Muller




















Outcry Holocaust Memoirs by Manny Steinberg

outcry_holocaust_memoirs_by_manny_steinberg_published_by_amsterdam_publishersOutcry Holocaust Memoirs by Manny Steinberg

This autobiography has become a classic of holocaust literature and human survival. Manny Steinberg (1925 – 2015) spent his teens in Nazi  camps in Germany and Poland, and miraculously survived while millions perished. This is his story.

In September 1939, the Nazis invaded Radom, his home town in Poland, and the nightmare started. The Jewish population of Radom had no chance of escaping and was faced with starvation, torture and ultimately deportation to camps.

Outcry – Holocaust Memoirs is the candid narrative of a teenager who survived four Nazi camps (Dachau, Auschwitz, Vaihingen/Enz and Neckagerach). Manny’s brother Stanley had jumped off the train on the way to Treblenka where his stepmother and younger brother Jacob were to perish. Desperately lonely and hungry, Stanley stood outside the compound, hoping to spot Manny and their father. Once he discovered them, he turned himself in at the gate. The days were marked by hunger, cold and fear. Knowing that family members were in the same camp, kept them alive. They had to pretend to be complete strangers; acknowledging each other would have meant death.


Outcry – Holocaust memoirs: Stanley, Milka and Manny Steinberg before WWII

Manny relates how he was forced to shave the heads of female corpses and pull out their teeth. Cherishing a picture of his beloved mother in his shoe, he miraculously survived the terror of the German concentration camps together with his father and brother Stanley.

When the Americans finally arrived in April 1945, Manny was little more than a living skeleton, with several broken ribs and suffering from a serious lung condition.

This autobiography was written to fulfil a promise Manny made to himself during the first days of freedom. By publishing his Holocaust memoirs, he wants to ensure that the world never forgets what happened during WWII.

Outcry – Holocaust Memoirs touches the reader with its directness and simplicity. The story is told through the eyes of an old man forcing himself to relive years of intense suffering. It is an account of human cruelty, but also a testimony to the power of love and hope. Memoirs worthy of being adapted for a movie. The book can be found on various  Wikipedia pages.

***** Amazon Bestseller by Amsterdam Publishers. The book has been downloaded more than 185.000 times since its release in September 2014, and has received more than 1,300 positive reviews on, several hundreds on Goodreads and

Because the book strikes a chord with people all over the world, we decided to also publish the book in French, Chinese, Czech, Spanish, and German. The French version, Souvenirs d’un survivant de la Shoah, German version Aufschrei gegen das Vergessen and Chinese edition are already available. Download your copy here. You will be transferred to the Amazon website and page in your own country.


In November 2016 we launched the Amsterdam Large Print Library. Outcry – Holocaust Memoirs is the first volume in this series. Hank Brodt Holocaust Memoirs is volume 2. These publications with font size 16 are catering for the visually impaired.


Liesbeth Heenk interviewed Manny Steinberg – March 2015

Manny_steinbergQ: Liesbeth Heenk – Publisher

A: Manny Steinberg (Radom, Poland, 31 May 1925 – Los Angeles, 21 December 2015 ), author of Outcry – Holocaust Memoirs, available as Kindle eBook, audiobook and P.O.D. paperback (ISBN 9789082 103137).

When did you decide to write your memoirs?

As soon as I was liberated from the camps I knew I had to tell my story, but it took a long time before I actually wrote my story.

Why did you write your memoirs?

Once I was out of the camps, I was having a hard time relaying what I had gone through, and even having a difficult time personally processing my own experience. I had become withdrawn after all my years in the camps, and desperately needed to communicate. I was shocked to learn how many people in America knew nothing about what had happened. Once in America, I even experienced Jewish Americans did not believe me. This is one of the reasons why I thought it was important to tell my story.

How long did the process of writing take you? Tell us about the process.

It was a rather lengthy process, as you may well understand. It took me ten years to write, and I wrote a short piece every time. Generally, I wrote during the night when my kids were all asleep.

How did you find a publisher? 

In 2007, I approached a small agency who agreed to publish my book in paperback.  However, the company’s distribution of my book seemed … not to be a priority. As fate would have it, in 2014 I heard about another company “Amsterdam Publishers” located in the Netherlands and their success with Holocaust books. I sent an inquiry to the publisher and they promptly responded which has led to the overwhelming sales and distribution of “Outcry” through Amazon.  Within a short period of time, our partnership has proven to be a mitzvah as my book skyrocketed and reached the bestseller list worldwide. If any survivors or anyone wants to publish their work I highly recommend  this publisher;  they will help you bring the work out of the woods into the world! [Thanks Manny!]

Would you recommend survivors to publish their memoirs?

I would recommend all survivors publish their memoirs. Not only does it help to educate people about the atrocities we endured, it helps the survivor to process the terrible memories. I’ve noticed that since my book is being read, I feel more and more open about talking about my experiences. So, yes, I recommend all survivors should tell their stories. Sadly, so many already passed away.

How come you are so forgiving? Considering your history it seems so amazing that you are not full of hatred.

It’s taken me many years to forgive. I’ve realized that I must try to let go of all these feelings that I built up over my years in the camps. When I forgive, it helps me to be at peace with myself, and with my family. When I hold feelings of hatred, my painful memories persist. I believe in forgiving, but not to forget.

What do you think of all the reviews the book is receiving? How does that make you feel?

I read each and every review. Frankly, I’m overwhelmed by the beautiful comments I see. I am touched by the fact that many hundreds of readers across the globe take the time to leave a review for the book. It makes me feel that people are truly hearing my story, and I’m so grateful for that. Finally I’m being heard.

What next?

It is wonderful to have the book published and appreciated by so many people. I have been approached by people who said Outcry would be perfect source material for a movie because it is such a dramatic -and above all- true story. This idea very much appeals to me. Although WWII is only recent history it is important that stories like mine keep being told. With a book one always reaches a limited audience, whereas a movie potentially has a much broader public. I find it important that the young generation knows what went on.

And of course, I would be very pleased if my book would be as widely available as possible. Currently it is being translated into German and Spanish, but I would love to have it available in all major languages.

California (USA) – The Netherlands, March 2015.

(End of Interview #1)


Holocaust survivors at 70 year commemoration of KZ-Vaihingen/Enz. From right to left: Isaak Akerman, Manny Steinberg, Ted Weisbord, Boleslaw Urbanski, Jerzy Wojciewsky, Eugeniusz Dabrowski, Benjamin Zysman, Jules Schelvis (photo Thaler) 11 April 2015


Liesbeth Heenk interviewed Manny Steinberg – April 2015

Manny_steinberg_author_of_holocaust_memoirsManny Steinberg is the sole survivor of a large Jewish family from Radom (Poland). As a teenager he was taken to the camps together with his father, Chaim and younger brother Stanley. His stepmother Genia and younger brother Jacob were gassed upon arrival at Treblinka. As an almost 90 year old, he visited Germany for the first time since the liberation, accompanied by his family in April, 2015. Manny Steinberg was invited to join the 70-year commemoration of the liberation of KZ-Vaihingen/Enz in Germany. The seven other survivors were: Isaak Akerman from Israel, Eugeniusz Dabrowski from Poland, Jules Schelvis from The Netherlands, Boleslaw Urbański from Poland, Ted Weisbord from Florida, Jerzy Wojciewski from Poland and Ben Zysman from Connecticut.

I think it is very brave of you to return to Germany after all those years, and imagine it must have been difficult. I wonder whether this trip changed the way you view Germans?

To be honest, I did not like Germans nor wanted to buy any German products. You must understand, I never had any intention of stepping into the country that annihilated my family and tortured and imprisoned me for years. I could not bring myself to buy German products like BMW, Mercedes, Miele, Siemens or Bayer.

When the invitation came from the German City of Vaihingen/Enz to visit for the 70th anniversary, it was not a decision to attend that I made easily.

I thought about it for weeks, then asked my children, what they thought about going with me to Germany. They were concerned for my well being as I am 90 years old and not in the best health. However, they, Anita Lavi (daughter) and Gary Steinberg (son) as well as my grandson, Paul La Grassa, said: “If this is something you want to do, we will support your decision and go with you.”

You are now almost 90 years old, and have returned to Germany for the first time in 70 years. How does it feel?

I must admit, I was very nervous to return to Germany, but something in me kept urging me to pursue this journey; my family gave me strength to face this horrific and terrifying time that once happened in my life.

Commemoration_70_years_liberation_vaihingen_with_manny_steibergUpon our arrival in Vaihingen, I realized my fears were unwarranted as each person we met, greeted us with warmth, kindness and respect. Our first night, I lay in bed thinking and sorting out my feelings about this present day Germany and how much has changed.

The 4-day Commemoration program in Vaihingen/Enz has opened a closed door in my heart that I never thought possible; there is a new compassionate Germany.

Seeing tears in the eyes of the students of the Stromberg Gymnasium where we (the survivors) talked about our experiences in the camp was moving. I explained that I was their age when I was sent to the camp. Why? We have the same chromosomes, we have the same desires and love of family; but simply because I had a different religion, my family and I were beaten and treated like animals.

I was touched by their tears and questions; a wall in my heart has been taken down and healing towards the German people has now begun.

Cemetery_Vaihingen/EnzAnother reason for going to Vaihingen was to visit the cemetery where so many of my family members died. Being the sole survivor, I feel an obligation to pay my respect and visit the place where three of my father’s brothers are buried as well as many other relatives and friends. I still ask G-d, how it was possible that I survived? Going back was not easy, but ultimately, the right thing to do and very worthwhile.

I know I will never return here; once is enough. Too many bad memories that I prefer now to be laid to rest. Even the shower area at KZ-Vaihingen/Enz brought back vivid memories; it still smelled the same.

You also visited Dachau with your family; tell me how that affected you?

Manny_steinberg_and _family_at_dachauMost of my prison time was in other camps during the war; Dachau only a few days. All the camps looked the same; barbed wire, German guards with guns in towers and the enormous Appelplatz where we stood for hours on end waiting to be counted. I saw the bench on which my brother Stanley and I were beaten with a stick until we were barely alive and remembered the Germans singing Christmas songs while we were starving. It was difficult. When I saw the latrines I remember we were too afraid of using the bathrooms at night; the guards used us as targets so we would deficate and urinate in our straw bunks. There were two barracks left standing but the bunks were reconstructed and the grounds cleaner now. I was exhausted and emotionally drained by the end of the visit, but knew this was another step in closure and healing.

Jules_schelvis_and_manny_steinberg_at_vaihingen/enzJules Schelvis (1921-2016), who was with you in camp Vaihingen, told me that he started writing his memoirs straight away, when still recovering in hospital. You wrote down your life story some thirty years later.

I had a difficult time adjusting and communicating. Our lives were shattered and we had to start anew. I was lonely and hoped that serving in the American Army would give me a sense of belonging. I was reluctant to speak to my children about the horrors in the camps when they were young. I knew however, the only way to testify to what happened to me and all those others was to write it down; this was a long process. It is only until recently that I have a need to be heard. You have to understand, many people did not believe me when I told them about what had happened to me and my family.

And now with your book “Outcry” what are some of your thoughts?

The many positive and heartfelt reviews that my book Outcry – Holocaust Memoirs has received, makes me feel heard; people are acknowledging the atrocities and this means a great deal to me. I now want to talk to my family about those times so they will always remember what happened.

You were able to keep your mother’s picture with you during the six years in camps.

I loved my mother dearly. She was a beautiful and loving person. She died when my youngest brother Jacob was born. I had wooden shoes and the photo was in one of the shoes wrapped in paper. Although worn and creased, I have this picture still today.

When I read your story I think it is amazing that you managed to stay alive.

Food was important. We got so little of it. I did what I had to do in order to keep going. I tried always to be first in line for soup and also knowing that my brother and father were still alive was a great motivator for me to live. Perhaps because I was so young, I always had hope and trust in God that we would be saved and live to tell our story.


Vaihingen/Enz and Dachau, 13 April 2015.

(End of Interview #2 )

If you are interested in Foreign Book Publishing rights, Please do get in touch with Liesbeth Heenk.

The book is available in Chinese, French, German and Czech:Outcry-manny-steinberg-chinese




The 90-year-old Manny Steinberg and his son Gary Steinberg recorded the audio version of Outcry – Holocaust Memoirs.

The audio is available on Amazon audible.


The ebook and paperback are also available on:


Order on Barnes & Noble

Humbling and Unforgettable – Fleury Sommers

Heartcry – I read this book with a very heavy heart and tears running down my face. For Manny’s endurance and his brother Stanley to be so tested is truly a testament to life!

Compelling Personal Narrative

“Manny Steinberg shares his extraordinary story of surviving four concentration camps in an account noteworthy for its straightforward, unencumbered narrative. His is a story almost everyone can imagine happening to themselves – no less harrowing than more dramatic renditions of Holocaust survival, but somehow more compelling, and universal, for the unembellished simplicity of his style.”

“You must read Outcry, Holocaust Memoirs. You will have tears and joy how this young boy survived the six years in concentration camps in Poland and Germany. It is a hand-made story for a motion picture. Hollywood producers and directors, grab it! We must not allow this to happen again to human people. May God bless you, Mendel.” Mrs J. Olson.

“Read Outcry for reality. For reality it gets five stars. This is a real chronicle of a real 12-year-old boy faced with the horrors of the German obsession with anti-Semitism and Jewish genocide. …  For those who were the same age in the US at the time, as I was, you can only feel grateful that you were not in mainland Europe at the time. You cannot help but feel sympathy for Manny, his brother Stanley and father and sorrow for those in his family that did not survive. Brotherly love shines through the horror…” Webrand

Bittersweet Memories of a survivor:

“Manny Steinberg gives a riveting account of endurance of atrocities, set against his love of family and the Jewish culture. His faith has thankfully overcome the deep hatred he had nourished during early years of unspeakable suffering. He never fails to thank God for His countless providential interventions and a full life afterward.” D. Sifferd

Must Read!

“A testament to human suffering so severe it seemed impossible their lives would not end in death. But the relentless strength of the human spirit took them to blessed freedom. Gratitude pervades this book!” Carol Egan

Download your copy of Outcry  – Holocaust Memoirs

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Press Release June 2016: Outcry: Holocaust Memoirs Hits #1 on Amazon Best Seller’s List

Press Release January 2017: Outcry is now a #1 Bestseller

Broadway World (18 January 2017)

Press copy: info at

Amsterdam Publishers

Amsterdam Publishers specializes in memoirs written by Holocaust survivors. Holocaust survivor stories need to be kept alive. Every year, survivors with unique testimonies are passing away. This means that we will soon no longer be able to hear first-hand from the people who survived the Holocaust. Books and video testimonials by survivors will be the only ways to get to know their moving stories.

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Among the Reeds by Tammy Bottner

The Mission of Abbe Glasberg by Lucien Lazare

Holocaust memoirs by a Bergen-Belsen Survivor & Classmate of Anne Frank by Nanette Blitz Konig

See you tonight and Promise to be a Good Boy! by Salo Muller

The Dead Years by Joseph Schupack








Abbé Glasberg

The-mission_ogf_abbe_glasberg_lucien_lazareThe Mission of Abbé Glasberg by Lucien Lazare

The Mission of Abbé Glasberg by Lucien Lazare is the fascinating story of a priest – of Jewish origins – who dedicated himself to the task of helping the refugees who were streaming into France during the years preceding World War II. Together with Father Chaillet, Alexandre Glasberg created the ecumenical Amitié Chrétienne in May 1942 with the full support of Cardinal Gerlier, archbishop of Lyon.

In a joint effort, they managed to retrieve hundreds of Jewish children from French-run concentration camps and disperse them among religious houses and private homes. They refused to give them up even when the government of Vichy placed Chaillet under house arrest in a psychiatric hospital for three months.

They disregarded the orders of Alexandre Angeli, the regional prefect of Lyon who was a Nazi collaborator. Alexandre Angeli was condemned to a death penalty immediately after the war, later commuted to a sentence of four year-imprisonment. Abbé Glasberg later joined the French underground.

After the war, Abbé Glasberg assisted the Mossad in their attempt to transport many of the survivors of WWII to the land of Israel. The book contains an introduction by Cardinal Albert Decourtray, April 4th, l990.

The book is available on Amazon as eBook and paperback:


Justus Rosenberg, one of the Jews saved by the Glasberg network

On 29 April 2016 The New York Times (Sarah Wildman) devoted an article, ‘The Professor Has a Daring Past’, on the 95-year-old Justus Rosenberg who provided a safe passage out of Vichy France to anti-fascist intellectuals and cultural figures fleeing the Nazis. Rosenberg was used as a courier to deliver messages to refugees and scout out safe passage, in particular via the overland route through Spain.

In August 1942, he was rounded up with several hundred other Jews and was taken to a transit camp, Vénissieux, outside the city of Lyon. There, he was rescued by the network of Abbé Alexandre Glasberg and received his new identity: Jean-Paul Guiton. He went on to serve with the French Resistance.

Article in French by Leo Abrami on Alexandre Glasberg in the Tribune Juive

Amsterdam Publishers

Amsterdam Publishers specializes in memoirs written by Holocaust survivors. Holocaust survivor stories need to be kept alive. Every year, survivors with unique testimonies are passing away. This means that we will soon no longer be able to hear first-hand from the people who survived the Holocaust. Books and video testimonials by survivors will be the only ways to get to know their moving stories.

In case you enjoyed reading these memoirs you might be interested in reading some of the other titles:

Hank Brodt Holocaust Memoirs by Deborah Donnelly

Among the Reeds by Tammy Bottner

Outcry – Holocaust Memoirs by Manny Steinberg

Holocaust memoirs by a Bergen-Belsen Survivor & Classmate of Anne Frank by Nanette Blitz Konig

See you tonight and Promise to be a Good Boy! by Salo Muller

The Dead Years by Joseph Schupack


Hank Brodt Holocaust Memoirs

Hank_brodt_holocaust_memoirs_amsterdam_publishersHank Brodt Holocaust Memoirs – A Candle and a Promise

Over the years Hank Brodt (b. 1925) has bourn witness through the spoken word, and now also in the written word. His daughter Deborah Donnelly has worked for years with her father to make his survivor story into a memorable book.

Writing a memoir allows victims such as Hank Brodt to have a voice and to take ownership over their own story. After all, these memoirs combined will act as the voice of the Holocaust when, in ten years time,  victims are no longer with us and able to tell us their stories first-hand.

As Publisher I feel it is our task to accept these testimonies with gratitude and become the witnesses of witnesses.

Although decades passed since the Holocaust it is important that we preserve the memories of those who lived through it and to honor those who perished. We should continue to reflect on the events of the Holocaust so that we can – hopefully – learn valuable lessons from it.


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Two excerpts from Hank Brodt Holocaust Memoirs:

Hank Brodt in Boryslaw (Poland)

I found myself becoming more and more enraged. There was no outlet to rid myself of the anger and hatred that were building inside me. There was nothing I could do but carry it around and feel it grow day by day. I watched my mother become weaker as the days wore on, and there was nothing I could do to stop it. That feeling of helplessness added to my anger.

As I walked through my town, orders were barked in German. Failure to comply resulted in being beaten or killed. Memorizing German words to avoid being clubbed, or worse killed, for not responding became very important. Fortunately, there was some similarity between German and Yiddish. I worked diligently to give these new German words meaning. I thought it might well mean the difference between life and death for me and my mother.

We did not know how it could get worse, but it did. I lost my job, our sole source of income. Our world was falling apart. By October 1941, things became even tougher. Two ghettos were formed in Boryslaw. There was no need for a fence. Most of us did not venture beyond our designated area. The Nazi guards and the Ukrainians, primarily the latter, gladly took on the job of beating any Jew who violated the rules or ventured beyond the ghetto.

Being poor did have some unexpected advantages in these miserable circumstances, and in a very strange way, we were actually lucky. Our house was in a poor section of town that was later designated the ghetto. As a result, we did not have to move and no one came to share our home. Unlike many others, we were not forced to endure such changes.


Hank Brodt & Nazi criminal Amon Goeth

Amon Goeth was the commandant of Plaszow until September 13, 1944. Goeth was not only insane, but a sadist. He found joy in killing. His house stood on another hill, high above the camp, from where he would randomly shoot prisoners going about their business. He walked around with guard dogs and without any provocation would order them to rip a prisoner to shreds.

When the smell of decomposing bodies could no longer be ignored, there was a visit from some Berlin officials. All bodies buried on the hill were to be exhumed. This of course became a work detail. After the bodies were exhumed, they were set ablaze. Hitler’s henchmen hoped that all incriminating evidence had now been erased, proof of the horrible crimes literally going up in smoke.

When I arrived in Plaszow, I soon discovered that there were no rules to play by. The commander was crazy; I would see a man standing one minute and then see him shot dead the next. I had no idea what to think. I could not see a guard anywhere near him. I looked toward the hill, where there was a house. My eye caught a man standing on the balcony with a gun. It was Goeth. I had no idea what the poor man in Goeth’s crosshairs had done as he dropped dead. It did not matter. It was just Goeth’s way, using innocent people for target practice. This particular shooting happened within a few minutes after we got off the train and were marched to the showers.



For other Holocaust Memoirs published by Amsterdam Publishers see: Outcry – Holocaust Memoirs by Manny Steinberg. This book made it into the #1 bestseller list on Amazon.

Hank Brodt Holocaust Memoirs – A Candle and a Promise is available on Amazon.

Check this interview with Hank Brodt on the publication of his autobiography.

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Reviews of Hank Brodt Holocaust Memoirs

January Gray Reviews 28 September 2016

In November we launched the Amsterdam Large Print Library. Outcry – Holocaust Memoirs by Manny Steinberg is the first volume in this series. Hank Brodt Holocaust Memoirs is volume 2. These publications with font size 16 are catering for the visually impaired.


On Memorial Day 2017, an article written by Deborah Donnelly was published in the newsletter of the American Hebrew Academy Hagesher. Deborah described her publisher as tough..! Thanks Deborah (..!)

Newsletter American Hebrew Academy 29-May-2017

Newsletter American Hebrew Academy 29-May-2017

Amsterdam Publishers

Amsterdam Publishers specializes in memoirs written by Holocaust survivors. Holocaust survivor stories need to be kept alive. Every year, survivors with unique testimonies are passing away. This means that we will soon no longer be able to hear first-hand from the people who survived the Holocaust. Books and video testimonials by survivors will be the only ways to get to know their moving stories.

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Advocate of the truth

amsterdampublishers_advocate_of_the_truth_adriaan_bos_coverAdvocate of the truth by Adriaan Bos

When Thomas, a former partner of a prestigious law firm, promises his best friend Sam to keep his groundbreaking Spider technology away from mankind, he has no clue what awaits him.

A chilling scenario unfolds when Thomas is plunged into a web of greed, corporate espionage, organized crime and murder. As he finds signs pointing to a high-level conspiracy, a mysterious and deadly virus originating in Europe sweeps across the earth. Frightened politicians take advantage of the panic, with populism hitting fear buttons worldwide. A pandemic is looming, and so is anarchy.

Suddenly Sam’s Spider technology has life-saving potential, raising profound ethical questions:

  • Do we allow fear, greed and status to overrule the natural bonds between people?
  • Should the privacy of individuals be sacrificed to the illusion of safety?
  • How do we prevent technology from casting a dark shadow over the future?
  • And ultimately: is mankind nearing its expiration date?

His tense search for the truth leads Thomas to the medieval Italian city Assisi, oppressive boardrooms, back alleys, dimly-lit churches and a former monastery overlooking the Mediterranean. Meanwhile, he has two women vying for his heart: Sophia, a sensitive violinist who cared for his father in the final days of life, and Juliëtte, an alluring and intriguing Parisian he meets by chance in Tuscany.

Advocate of the truth is a thriller about the digital dragon that feeds on our privacy and the serious implications of nanochips registering and managing human behavior. On a more personal level, it is a deeply moving novel about friendship, love and the compassion Francis of Assisi stands for. This fast-paced literary thriller prompts you to reflect on wisdom from the past and ethics for the future. It is an intense struggle between good and evil that hits home in today’s society.

This gripping technothriller paints a grim picture of what the future may have in store for us. In this day and age when populism is rampant and people see technology merely as a convenience rather than giving it a second thought, Advocate of the truth is particularly relevant.


Bookpresentation of Advocate of the Truth at the European Parliament in Brussels

On 12 January 2017 Author Adriaan Bos presented Advocate of the Truth to Sophie in ‘t Veld at the Europarliament in Brussels. Sophie in ‘t Veld, senior Member of the European Parliament, is well known for her unwithering dedication to protect the privacy of the individual and of human rights in general. They discussed .. yes, you guessed it: privacy risks in today’s society dominated by technology. See press release.


Advocate of the truth is available on Amazon as paperback and Kindle ebook.


Should you be interested in receiving a PDF for review purposes please get in touch with info[at]amsterdampublishers[dot]com.

The Dutch edition Advocaat van de waarheid was received very well by the Dutch press and reviewers alike. Since all reviews are in Dutch we have translated one to give you an impression:

With ‘Advocate of the truth’ Adriaan Bos shows that he masters the art of writing and that he has the potential to be successful in the world of suspenseful novels. We compare his debut with the works of Michael Crichton, Joel C. Rosenberg en Joseph Finder, each leading writers in their thriller segments.  Crime Zone

If I had to choose one word to sum up my experience of reading this book, I’d choose the word: “thrilling”. There is no better way to put it, I simply loved this book. There is a twist lurking behind every corner and at no point in the novel could I catch my breath. I have to admit it is quite a long book, but the engaging story line makes it seem like a breeze. There were times I could barely put it down (I finished it in 3 sittings). When it comes to its language it is very well written. The author uses profound language that is pleasant to read, yet fairly easy to understand. Furthermore, the author presents an array of intertextual references that make the story even more believable, even more real. Overall, this book (to me) is the kind of book that is best read with a cup of tea, curled up in a cosy chair. A perfect (Christmas) present. Johanna Kaszti – review on Goodreads 1 December 2016.

The Dutch professor B. Feringa won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2016 for his work with molecular machines. Advocate of the truth explains in a beautiful way the negative side effects of nanotechnology, shows what short time political decisions will and can do to mankind.
The story is really very interesting and keeps me thinking about the future of my children. In what kind of controlled world they have to live, without any privacy. Everything in life becomes digital, and look what is happening on Twitter or WhatsApp chats without any form of companionship or passion for leadership. We as adults have to think about these things. Which path do we pave for our children? I really recommend everybody to read this novel. Amazon Customer 5 December 2016


About Adriaan Bos

Adriaan Bos was a partner at a big law firm and served on various boards. Nowadays he combines his work as corporate mediator with his passion for writing. The author lives in the Netherlands.

In Advocate of the truth, Adriaan Bos, whose choice to trade in his legal briefs for extended stays in monasteries and nature, has added a semi-autobiographical element to the protagonist. He has crafted a suspenseful story that addresses universal values and philosophical issues.

His personal commitment to defending the privacy of the individual and to stimulating compassionate social leadership, shines through in his novel. Fans of corporate, technological and spiritual thrillers will not want to miss what this author has to contribute in this impressive debut. See for more information:

Adriaan Bos received a grant from Privacy First for the translation of the book.

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Soft Skills of Indispensable Assistants

Six_essential_soft_skills_of_indispensable_assistants-anna-tjumina-amsterdampublishersSix Essential Soft Skills of Indispensable Assistants by Anna Tjumina

This is an essential handbook for all Personal Assistants, Executive Assistants or Assisting Professionals.

As a PA you cannot succeed without hard skills. There are many books and courses on the subject, but what about soft skills? Until now there was no publication that specifically focuses on developing a soft skillset for Assisting Professionals.

One of Holland’s best known Private PAs, Anna Tjumina wrote the handbook about six core soft skills that can turn any PA into a truly extraordinary Assisting Professional.

A small excerpt from the book: “We have a lot of convictions and beliefs stored deeply and firmly within us and we need to clear up that stash first before you can add anything new and daring. After ticking that off your list, you will need the sacred combination of preserving and acting on behalf of your authentic personality and leading a balanced lifestyle. Only then will you feel empowered, accomplished and truly content. I believe it’s all about seeing and understanding the bigger picture, whether it’s your life or the life of your executive. Our ability to master this will translate into direct results. Our willingness to notice those results and act upon them will determine our level of success. It’s all up to us! We always have the choice to take control and responsibility for our actions. You reap what you sow, no hocus pocus there.”

‘Six Essential Soft Skills of Indispensable Assistants: How PA personal development will secure your position’ is available as Kindle eBook on Amazon for $9.99 and on Amsterdam Publishers has also released it as paperback on Amazon. It is part 1 of The New Generation Assistants Series.

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About  Anna Tjumina

Anna Tjumina is the founder of the Global PA Academy. Since 2007 she has been offering exclusive Personal Assistance support  to Top Executives, succesful entrepreneurs, high profile public individuals and acknowledged socialites. Her services: on demand, highly confidential, 24/7, multilingual, accomodating high standards, exclusive deliverables and outmost accountability. For more information see:

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Healing Naturally & Primary Reflexes

Healing_Naturally_and_Primary_ReflexesHealing Naturally and Primary Reflexes

Healing Naturally and Primary Reflexes – Restore Energy with Organic Moves by Margaret Mulder will provide you with insight into the probable cause of your constant lack of energy and will give you practical tools to regain your vitality in a 100% natural way.

You may never have heard about primary reflexes, or primitive reflexes, but they can be the source of many health problems.

The book highlights the devastating influence primary reflexes can have on the human body from the age of 12 months onwards. Knowing about these reflexes, you will be able to find a solution in the form of primary reflex inhibition by which these reflexes are controlled and hence stop the energy drain and stress.

Knowledge of uninhibited primary reflexes is scarce. Therefore you may not be aware of the disturbing effects of these repetitive movements on your nervous system. All of us, regardless of our origin, education or culture, can suffer from uninhibited primary reflexes.

Healing Naturally and Primary Reflexes takes you on an astonishing trip through the world of primary reflex movements. In the womb, babies develop primary reflexes or movement patterns that help them to survive the birthing process and the following couple of months. They enable essential functions like breathing, feeding and reacting to stimuli.

However necessary these reflexes may be at the start of our lives, a baby needs to learn to control them. In the majority of cases this happens naturally, but not always. It is generally unknown that these primary reflexes can linger on uninhibited, resulting in chronic stress.

This stress can come in a variety of disguises. Symptoms may vary, ranging from inflammation, muscle and bone pain to motoric and postural problems; from emotional instability to psychiatric disorders; from concentration issues and dizzy spells to food and metabolism problems; from learning difficulties to autistic symptoms; and from all sorts of difficulties surrounding pregnancy, giving birth and feeding to relational and social problems. This book sheds light on a phenomenon about which little is known.

RPRM®, Remembering Primary Reflexes, presents a fast method to regain your vitality by inhibiting these reflexes and releasing related stress. You will be guided through the natural process of primary reflex movements by a therapist who has successfully applied this method to many patients. Simply by remembering primary reflex movements you can help yourself heal. There is no need for pills. Parents will find it a kid-friendly way to help their children without harmful side effects.

Healing Naturally and Primary Reflexes – Restore Energy with Organic Moves has been released by Amsterdam Publishers on 22 September 2016

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About the Author

My journey to RPRM® started in the 1980s with an insight into the future world of children in our society. I was shown the development of an outside factor; the huge increase of stimuli, which caused fragmentation of the body, thus impeding children from growing up organically.

At that time I was standing on the high tide line of North Sea sandy shores, with water washing over my bare feet. I could feel the tiny grains of sand vanishing under my soles, undermining my hold on the ground while at the same time I felt my body sinking into it. Amid these in- and outgoing forces, the awareness that everything moves came to me. This experience in my body was a revelation. All of me knew then without the slightest trace of doubt that there is nothing that does not move.

Some years later, in addition to a variety of physical problems, all of a sudden I found my legs collapsing under me when I was about to descend a staircase. Visits to several therapists brought to light that my levels of toxins were very high. Degeneration processes were undermining my health and energy, and on top of this an endocrinologist told me, “You have Hashimoto’s disease, which means that your body attacks its own thyroid gland.” How could I possibly know that a huge invisible energy drain in the form of uninhibited primary reflexes was permanently attacking my vitality, leaving me depleted of energy?

I tried many different courses of therapy but experienced frequent relapses, which made me aware of something nagging at the very root of my being. Then I found out about uninhibited primary reflexes. Being an experienced kinesiologist and trained in movement and sound, I instantly recognised the enormous impact of uninhibited primary reflexes on people.

I managed to get my primary reflexes under control and this proved to be the solution to the energy leak. My organism started to store energy again. What a relief and eye-opener! How come that knowledge about such an important influence on our wellbeing and health was not incorporated into baby, mother and childcare sessions? How was it possible that doctors, paediatricians and psychiatrists did not apply reflex inhibition in the first place? Such questions and the answers I found urged me to spread information about a primary reflex-related unbalanced nervous system and to develop a profound and fast primary reflex inhibition process. Since then I have assisted over a thousand people with my method.

I enjoy providing this holistic approach to health which is also the result of my experience with esoteric practise, teaching, and painting and on my work with children as a performer and storyteller. So, in my practice I work with children and adults to restore their potential for organic recovery, preferably without the use of external tools. Today I focus on sound and natural organic movement in relation to developments in the human organism and specifically on primary reflex activity.

In 2002 I started giving courses on primary reflex inhibition to kinesiologists. Over the years these courses have grown into a professional training programme, RPRM®, accessible to everybody.

For more information about workshops, courses, readings, Remembering Primary Reflex Movement (RPRM®), and therapists is available on:

Margaret Mulder author of Healing Naturally

Reviewed by Mary C. Blowers for Readers’ Favorite

Healing Naturally and Primary Reflexes by Margaret Mulder is actually a book unlike any I have ever read before. I have done a lot of reading about natural healing, but I have never heard of primary reflexes. Primary reflexes, as you might surmise from the use of the word ‘primary,’ relate to very young children. Certain reflexes are inherent in a newborn child and others develop over the child’s first six months or so. Once a reflex has outlived its usefulness, it naturally becomes what Mulder calls’ inhibited.’ These reflexes have purposes such as helping a baby to hold its head up to crawl, or to withdraw when startled. If these reflexes are not inhibited to make way for new development in a baby, they can cause problems such as autism or physical illness.

I found this book extremely interesting because I have a few unexplained health problems, and I also work in a hospital and so I am exposed to many people with different types of illnesses that I am not familiar with. Healing Naturally and Primary Reflexes will give me a new frame of reference with which to relate to my patients. In addition, I would like to find the source of my migraines and nerve spasms. The answer could be at least partly in primary reflexes. I would like to have seen a few more suggestions for how to work with your own primary reflexes prior to seeking the help of Ms. Mulder, but not much practical information of this type is given in this book, so it is difficult to know how to help oneself to inhibit one’s primary reflexes.

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Thom Harinck Godfather of Muay Thai Kickboxing

Thom_harinck_memoirs_published_by_amsterdam_publishersMemoirs of Thom Harinck, Kickboxing and Muay Thai Legend

Thom Harinck is the celebrity kickboxing coach of national and international champions and the tactical mastermind behind three consecutive K-1 championships. He trained numerous world champions including Peter Aerts, Branko Cikatić, Jérôme Le Banner, Badr Hari and Hesdy Gerges and has coached masses of students in his dojos in Amsterdam, Brazil and Japan.

Thom Harinck invented his own style of fighting: chakuriki. This is a unique mix of techniques from kyokushin karate, judo, boxing, jujutsu and wrestling.

Thom Harinck memoirs are full of great kickboxing stories

In Thom Harinck, Godfather of Muay Thai Kickboxing in the West, the 72-year-old coach candidly tells of the highs and the lows, the struggles and hard-won victories on his journey to becoming a living legend in the world of martial arts. He looks back on 40+ years of a remarkable career as a kickboxing coach, sharing anecdotes about his life as a bouncer, martial arts apprentice, stuntman and trainer, and as husband of Professor Marjan Olfers. Although he announced his retirement in April 2013, he picked up training again in early 2016.

Thom_harinck_memoirs_amsterdam_publishersThe book contains many fascinating stories from the world of kickboxing, some of which have never been published before. Harinck relates the thrill of fighting in international tournaments, including intense battles in Thailand, the home of Muay Thai. We read about the sensei (teacher) of the Chakuriki dojo running barefoot with his students through the streets of Amsterdam at night, and about the deep friendships between Harinck and his fighters. His memoirs are filled with the Amsterdam tongue-in-cheek wit and wisdom of a man who has truly lived his life as an intrepid spirit, and to the fullest. The life of the Dutch-born Harinck has been anything but a quiet one.Thom_harinck_father's_day

The book is illustrated with more than 100 photos from Thom Harinck’s archive, documenting his life from humble beginnings as a shy Amsterdam kid to the celebrity coach of the present day. A selection of students and champions appear throughout the book, including: Richard Ploos, Iwan de Randamie, Saskia van Rijswijk, Rik van de Vathorst, Stuart Ballantine, Branko Cikatić, Tekin Donmez, Kenneth Plak, Corrine Geeris, Patrik Eriksson, Perry Ubeda, Nobu Hayashi, Peter Aerts, Badr Hari, Hesdy Gerges, Satoshi Ishii, Jérôme Le Banner, Menno Dijkstra, Amir Zeyada, and Gilbert Ballantine.


The memoirs are based on numerous interviews with Harinck, keeping the style conversational and easy to digest. Thom Harinck, Godfather of Muay Thai Kickboxing in the West, co-written by Thom Harinck and Julio Punch, is available now as Kindle ebook and as paperback. The book is available on Amazon. Please note: the paperback is not available on, because that site only offers ebooks. If you have any difficulty ordering please send me a mail.


Excerpts from Thom Harinck, Godfather of Muay Thai Kickboxing in the West


Branko won his first big prize money in the K-1 in 1993: 100,000 dollars. He received the money in cash in the ring when he won the tournament. Loads and loads of pictures were taken of it. He carried the cash with him back home. We always flew to Amsterdam first, and Branko would fly to Zagreb from there. I kept the money with me until we went back. He had stored the money in a money belt. The K-1 always lets the coach travel first class while the fighters and corner men travel economy class. If you’re the champ you can demand to travel business class, but this was Branko’s first K-1 title.

I hate flying. I’m actually scared to death of it, so I usually take a sleeping pill and just sleep through it. At some point during the flight, Branko woke me up. He was in a state and said: “Thom, Thom, I lost my money.” I was wide awake immediately. Now what happened was this: Branko had taken a sleeping pill too but had gone to the toilet to answer a call of nature and had left the bag of money in the toilet. When he later realized he wasn’t carrying the bag, it was no longer in the toilet.

I approached the stewardess and said: “This guy has just lost 100,000 dollars. We have to retrieve the money.” Branko had brought seven guys with him from Croatia, and Branko, a full-fledged heavyweight, was actually the smallest of the group. One of them was 2.10 metres tall. These were all very big and rich guys who also had sponsored him. The stewardess wanted to say something though the microphone, but I took the microphone out of her hand and said: “We are very sorry, ladies and gentlemen, but my fighter has just lost 100,000 dollars and we will be searching everyone on the plane. We’ll be starting in the front and will work our way to the back.” So we started out in the front of the airplane while it was still flying, in the economy class, and politely asked people to empty their pockets and open their bags for us. About three seconds later, someone came running up from the back of the plane and said: “I think I have a bag here with something in it.”


There once was a little boy called Badr Hari. He was born in Amsterdam of Moroccan parentage in 1984. At the age of seven Badr took his first kickboxing class. He himself had wanted to take horse riding lessons but the kickboxing gym was all that the family could afford. Under the guidance of former world champion Mousid Akamrane, the young Badr quickly mastered the basics and fought his first match at the age of 7. During the 1990s, Mohammed Ait Hassou was very successful with his gym, called Sitan Gym in Amsterdam. He was also head of a flowering organisation, the WPKL [World Professional Kickboxing League] that regularly organised kickboxing events in Sporthallen Zuid, including several Netherlands-Thailand match-ups. It was only logical that Badr switched to the Sitan Gym in his early teens and fought several matches for them. When Sitan Gym decided to relocate to Rotterdam, continuing his training with them became impractical for Badr. So it came about that the then 16-year-old young man enlisted at the Chakuriki Dojo in Van Hallstraat.


Through the 1990s, some journalists from a famous Japanese martial arts magazine visited me in the Netherlands. They wanted to write an article about my training methods. We went to a sports hall with the journalists and their photographers and Branko Cikatić. I said to him: “Branko, we’re going to fool around a bit here.” I’m not someone who will reveal all my training systems to the first person who asks. I laid out some blocks on the floor- a training tool I normally never use in my classes. I said to Branko: “Jump!” And he had to jump from left to right and from front to back. Branko was begging me: “Sensei, please don’t do this!” but I put on a very stern face and shouted: “Jump, Branko, jump.” The Japanese were letting out “oohs” and “aahs” every few seconds. They were taking everything dead seriously. I put up a rope, and Branko had to jump over it. I used a wooden stick and let Branko jump over it. All things I normally never use in my classes. I let him sprint to the wall and back. At one point, that big Croatian couldn’t contain himself with laughter. The Japanese copied everything verbatim and this all appeared a month later in the issue of their magazine. In the article it said something like: “That Thom Harinck sure uses some crazy training systems to get his students to championship status.”

“Thom Harinck is one of the finest kickboxing coaches ever on record. The list of great champions he has trained is long and full of superb fighters. Harinck’s book is essential reading for all reality-based martial arts fans.” – Bob “O’Hara” Wall, American karate champion and co-star of Enter the Dragon.


The authors Thom Harinck and Julio Punch

Thom Harinck (The Netherlands, 1943) lives in Amsterdam and is married to Marjan Olfers. Together they have three children: Jane, Charlotte and Tobias. Thom is the author of several books on martial arts, such as Muay Thai or Kickboxing. He can be reached at

Julio Punch (United Kingdom, 1971) is a Dutch translator and computer instructor. He has practised several martial arts as well as yoga: he has a blue belt in kyokushinkai karate. He studied Philosophy and Cultural Anthropology. The current publication is his first book. He can be reached at

For the Press

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MindTuning_pieter-frijters-published_by_amsterdam_publishersDone! How to Stop Your Anxiety Now and Start Living Your Life

A publication by Dutch coach Pieter Frijters who has helped thousands to get rid of their anxiety problems.

Pieter Frijters offers MindTuning™, an innovative technique that delivers an effective solution for overcoming irrational fears and anxieties. Rather than relying on medications or expensive methods, this Dutch trainer shows that you can do it yourself.

By using your own initiative and willpower you can achieve the liberating results you seek and radically improve your quality of life.

Through MindTuning™, Frijters has overcome not only his own anxieties and burnout, but has coached countless others to develop the skills required to recognize and rid themselves of the sensory and physical blockages that create irrational fears and phobias. The technique is not difficult to learn; you will be amazed by the lasting results.

One of his many clients: “This is the first time I was relaxed during a presentation. No trembling legs, clammy hands, pounding heart, or heavy breathing. Simply wonderful! Thank you very much!”


In his book Done! How to Stop Your Anxiety Now and Start Living Your Life, you are guided through the revolutionary visual method with a series of actions to ‘retune’ your mind. With numerous exercises and ideas, real-life examples and practical information, this how-to practical guide offers proven steps for anyone who wants to be released from their fears, whether agoraphobia, social anxiety or even arachnophobia.

About Pieter Frijters

Pieter Frijters is an experienced coach with years of practice perfecting the MindTuning™ method. He is one of Holland’s top trainers with extensive experience in delivering workshops on the topic of anxiety relief.

For more information on his workshops see:



Sarmizegetusa by Caroline Juler

Sarmizegetusa_caroline_juler_amsterdam_publishersSearching for Sarmizegetusa by Caroline Juler

If you love Romania, this is a travel story for you: Searching for Sarmizegetusa by Caroline Juler.

“To many travellers,” writes Jessica Douglas-Home in the foreword to this book, “Romania has exerted the most powerful fascination. They have found that this country more than any other has illuminated their inner beliefs with the intensity of a magnifying glass. So it has been for Caroline Juler…”

Searching for Sarmizegetusa is more than a travel book: it is both a homage from the heart to a country that the writer knows and loves, a lament for the inestimable natural, cultural and historical riches that globalization and ‘progress’ are steadily destroying. Yet it is also a song of hope and a summons to challenge the irresponsibility of human greed. Famous as a prehistoric Carpathian citadel, for Caroline Juler, Sarmizegetusa is also a symbol of Romania’s spirited rejection of corruption and bad governance in the 21st century.

Caroline Juler is a writer and art historian. She is the author of the Blue Guide of Romania and the National Geographic Traveler guide to Romania and has travelled all over the country.

In the late 1990s, she became involved with the struggle to save the historic site of Roşia Montana from open pit mining. She has written for the popular radio programme, From Our Own Correspondent, and is currently researching a book about Romanian shepherds’ epic journeys to the Caucasus and beyond.

Reviewed by Kimberlee J Benart for Readers’ Favorite (d.d. 11 December 2017)

Searching for Sarmizegetusa: Journeys to the Heart of Rural Romania by Caroline Juler is the author’s personal account of her travels and experiences in Romania, but it’s also much more. An author and art historian, Juler found herself deeply attracted to the culture, the history, and the people of Romania, especially the undeveloped areas where simple village life still followed age-old patterns, and natural beauty wasn’t yet spoiled by industrialization. Juler also became very concerned at the possible destruction of nature and history through proposed mining operations in an archaeologically-rich zone. An Afterword provides an update to some of the issues with which she wrestled. Simple illustrations and maps are sprinkled throughout to add to the reader’s understanding.

Caroline Juler describes Searching for Sarmizegetusa as “a pilgrimage, a fictional journey and a collection of true ones.” In my opinion, that’s an understatement. I found Juler’s blending of ancient and modern history, with her vignette-like accounts of her adventures, and the philosophical debate on environmental and cultural preservation, fascinating. Her writing style is precise, intellectually satisfying, highly descriptive, and utterly enjoyable. Doses of humor are sprinkled here and there, and the simple illustrations are charming. This is no dry or dusty travelogue. It’s a delightful, amusing, and very warm-hearted conversation with a friend who has just returned from a long journey and has so much to share, including a sincere concern for preserving what is best of the past in the face of a modern future. If Juler takes you to the heart of Romania, it’s through her own heart.



Wanda Landowska

Wandowska_landowska_de_falla_amsterdam_publishersWanda Landowska – Manuel de Falla Correspondance (1922-1931) by Loes Dommering-van Rongen

We are pleased to announce the publication of the correspondence between Wanda Landowska and Manuel de Falla by the Dutch musicologist Loes Dommering-van Rongen. The correspondence covers the years between 1922 and 1931.

In his book Sonderstab Musik, Willem de Vries described how the Nazi’s not only stole works of art but also musical documents form the Jews. During WWII the ‘Einsatzstab Reichsleiter Rosenberg’ was set up, an organisation set up to eliminate Jewish cultural life in Europe. The Nazi’s also established a ‘Sonderstab Musik’ to locate musical manuscripts, books and instruments.  Their goal was a general confiscation and removal of Jewish possessions, including those connected with music-making. Sonderstab Musik describes the activities of the ‘Sonderstab Musik’ in France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

The Polish-Jewish harpsichordist Wanda Landowska (5 July 1879 – 16 August 1959) was one of the many victims of the organisation.  When she had to flee her home in Saint-Lieu near Paris all of her musical instruments, manuscripts and personal documents were taken by the Nazi’s. Among the items stolen were letters written by the Spanish composer Manuel de Falla. Some of these were discovered by De Vries in Nuremberg. The Dutch lawyer and musicologist Loes Dommering-Van Rongen reconstructed the correspondence during the years 1922 and 1931 between Wanda Landowska and Manuel de Falla.

The publication contains a lot of new information and throws an interesting new light on the relationship between the two. Wanda Landowska – Manuel de Falla is available as eBook and Print-on-Demand paperback in French, the original language of the correspondence.





Kalapati _frans_van_liemptDe winnaar van de jaarlijkse wedstrijd 2015 voor schrijvers is Frans van Liempt met Kalapati. Kalapati is het debuut van deze schrijver die al sinds 2006 op de Filipijnen woont.

Deze autobiografische roman geeft een openhartige blik in het leven van Frans als homoseksuele man die niet bang is het avontuur aan te gaan in een ver land.

Terugkijkend op een turbulente tijd in zijn leven als gay op de Filipijnen, vertelt Frans van Liempt in soms rauwe bewoordingen over bedrog, lust en complete ontreddering.

Na een aantal zorgeloze jaren op de Filipijnen verhuist Frans naar een andere stad om daar met een vriend een eetcafé op te zetten. Zijn partner, die hij op dat moment al zes jaar heeft, is niet behulpzaam en uiteindelijk blijft Frans alleen achter. Wanneer hij dan ook nog tegen allerlei ingewikkelde zaken aanloopt en zich op anderen verlaat, raakt hij alles kwijt en valt in een diep, duister gat. Frans ziet nog maar één uitweg, maar zelfs daarin faalt hij. Een harde leerschool volgt en beetje bij beetje begint voor Frans het licht weer te schijnen.

Het boek is als Print-on-demand paperback en als eBook leverbaar op Amazon, Bol en op




Open-hearted_patricia_vlasmanOpen-hearted – My life with cardiomyopathy and Heart Failure

The Dutch Patricia Vlasman (b. 1971) has been leading her life with a heart condition since birth: hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. She is strongly advised against pregnancy and always takes oral contraception, but suddenly finds herself pregnant. She and her husband take the difficult and risky decision to keep their baby.

Patricia gives birth to a wonderful son whilst having three cardiac arrests. Soon thereafter she suffers serious arrhythmias and can no longer work. She is being pingponged between endless cardiologists and various hospitals.

When Dutch cardiologists finally say that they have little left to offer her, the only option is to ask for a second opinion at the Mayo Clinic in the US.

A fundraising concert with well-known artists enables Patricia to find the means to pay for the high fees at the Mayo Clinic. In the US she receives some recommendations for treatment that can buy her more time.

Back in the Netherlands Patricia tries to be a mainstream mother in between checkups and hospital admissions, but her life is not at all normal – every hiccup leads to looming arrhythmias.

Open-hearted – My Life with Cardiomyopathy and heart failure is not only recommended reading for heart patients and their family and friends, but for any body who wants to get inspired by someone with an extraordinary fighting spirit, and a never ending optimism – against all odds.


About Patricia Vlasman

Patricia Vlasman (b. 1971) read social studies and political sciences at the University of Amsterdam. She had a job at the Dutch Ministry of Justice but her worsening heart condition ended her career.

She now spends her life as a novelist and she coaches people with cardiac diseases. In 2010 her first novel appeared: Loneliness prevailing.

In Open-hearted – My life with cardiomyopathy and Heart Failure, Patricia Vlasman relates her daily struggle as a patient. A moving, raw and brave story. She swiftly draws you into her life and shows all sides of her hampering but loving heart.


Jesus and His People

Jesus_and_his_people_pierre_schiffer_amsterdam_publishersJesus and His People by Pierre Schiffer

This book introduces the reader to a new – or rather very old – way of approaching the Holy Bible. By recognizing the New Testament as the repetition of the most fundamental Old Testament history, the author describes and tries to understand the message and mission of Jesus. In that way one can see the classic Catholic-Protestant controversy with new – or rather very old – eyes.

Jesus and His People is Piere Schiffer’s first book. In this book the author attempts to include all Christian churches and traditions within a single framework, while advocating a Christian unity. He writes from the conviction that choosing Jesus Christ is the only divine option for mankind and that following Him means embracing the ancient faith of the early Church.

About Pierre Schiffer

Pierre Schiffer (born 1976) is a Dutch Christian theologian. He received his bachelor and master degrees from the Catholic University of Louvain (Belgium), specializing in fundamental theology and Biblical exegesis. The person of Jesus and the Judaic-Christian history of salvation, especially as laid out in Holy Scripture, serve as the foundation and inspiration for his writings.

This is the fully revised version (September 2015) of the original text of July 2014.

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Inner Wisdom for Kids

Happy_family_life_marjolein_smitInner Wisdom for Kids by Marjolein Smit

The portfolio of Amsterdam Publishers contains several books by Yoga teacher Marjolein Smit. They are part of the series Inner Wisdom for Kids.

Marjolein Smit is a well-known, certified yoga instructor, who specializes in teaching yoga classes for toddlers and pre-schoolers. She has a vast experience with instructing yoga and has drawn from her vast experience so you and your child can benefit.

Happy Family Life is part I of Inner Wisdom for Kids. If you want to give your children a firm foundation in life, this is your book. It shows you how to achieve a happy and relaxed family life together with your children. You learn how to apply mindfulness for conscious parenting and find daily balance in a sometimes hectic life. The book is full of ideas, useful tips and exercises that help you reach your goals.


The book is also available in Dutch as: Happy Family.

Yoga_for_kids_marjolein_smit_inner_wisdom_for_kidsYoga for Kids is part II of Inner Wisdom for Kids. It is a delightful and instructive book consisting of many color photographs that the author has taken of her young children practicing yoga. These pictures make the book a pleasure to read. It is recommended not only for parents, but also for instructors. You do not need any prior experience with yoga.

Through simple and fun breathing exercises and yoga figures, like animal poses, children quickly learn how to use their senses, are more aware of their body and feel increasingly at ease with themselves. Even more importantly, fun exercises and basic yoga poses help them to get in touch with their inner selves, and build self-confidence. The book is suitable for toddlers and Pre-schoolers. You cannot start too soon with Inner Wisdom for kids!


Praise for Inner Wisdom for Kids

Happy Family Life:

Wonderful book, lovingly written – “Love this book. I know Marjolein from the wonderful class Toddler yoga teacher I followed three years ago and she has written another beautiful, easy accessible book. Connecting with our children will become easier and easier with these tips and information. Reading Thank you very much!”

Just a great quality book for people who want a happy life – “This book is awesome! It’s great quality with all the pictures and tips it is really easy and fun to read too. It is kind of spiritual in a sense because it tells all the feelings and why the theory explained is so great. But that is nothing that bothered me. Just a great quality book!

About Marjolein Smit

Marjolein Smit is a Dutch certified yoga instructor, specializing in teaching yoga classes for toddlers and pre-schoolers.

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Flight of the Seagull

Flight_of_the_seagull_greet_beukenkamp_amsterdam_publishersThe Flight of the Seagull by Greet Beukenkamp

The Flight of the Seagull by Dutch children’s and YA book author Greet Beukenkamp is a story that cuts to the core of the high school experience.

Grade 9 is going on a schooltrip to Terschelling, one of the Dutch islands. The teenagers are excited, board the ferry and the mood on the way to the camp site is elated. Everyone would consider them a well-behaved class, but the reality is completely different. Throughout the school year, a group of boys has been ruining the atmosphere in the classroom with their antisocial behavior. They mainly pick on Ivan. At school the situation is more or less under control, but away from the watchful eyes of their teachers, the situation soon escalates. The bullies are making Ivan’s life hell, and what happens next will forever change the lives of everyone involved.

Each chapter moves the story forward from the point of view of a different student. Despite the serious subject, the book is written with a lot of warmth and humor. Looking through their eyes, you get to know the students one by one.

The Flight of the Seagull is the English version of Al het water van de zee, one of the best-known Dutch books about bullying. Universally popular with Teens and Young Adults, it is widely used by teachers to discuss issues relating to bullying and being bullied in the classroom. Above all, it is a fascinating read providing an insight into high school dynamics through a wealth of young minds.


Praise for The Flight of the Seagull

“This book was powerful, insightful and well written. The author shows us bullying from the perspective of the people involved. Not just the bullied but the bullies and those who simply stand bye and let it happen. Many books with this subject come off as preachy and have cardboard cutouts for characters but this book is different. The story drips with authenticity. When I was in the 8th grade my school sponsored a week long camping trip and while reading this I was transported back to a time when bullying was a everyday part of life. This book is a must read for parent and teachers.”

  • “Powerful, insightful and well written”
  • “A real page-turner!”
  • “Wonderful, emotive book”
  • “An emotional journey!”

More by Greet Beukenkamp? Please view her Amazon author page.


Mendel by Anita Lavi

Mendel _anita_lavi_amsterdam_publishersMendel: a Holocaust Story for Children by Anita Lavi

Mendel is a children’s book that gently introduces the subject of the Holocaust to children.

In Mendel, a father tells his two children the story of a Jewish boy who lived in Poland during the second world war. Each night after he tucks his children in, Father sits on the edge of the bed and begins his story about Papa, Mama and their three boys. It is, as you may have guessed, his own story.

The book is based on the life story of the author’s father, Manny Steinberg. Together with his father and brother, Manny Steinberg managed to survive four Nazi camps.

Mendel by Anita Lavi takes you from a quiet, loving and warm family home, to being put into trucks, and living in camps. Being reunited after the war, the family ultimately emigrates to the US, arriving to be greeted by Lady Liberty in New York harbor.

The tone of the book is simple, but poignant and gentle which makes it suitable for children aged circa 8 to 11. Mendel is written to teach without frightening. The emphasis is  very much on strength of family.

The author stresses the importance of family, hope and love. The book has been illustrated with pencil drawings by Caroline Juler that beautifully depict the mood and era of the story.


Anita Lavi on writing Mendel: a Holocaust story for Children

“A few years ago, I helped my dad re-write his book Outcry – Holocaust Memoirs.  The collaboration not only brought us closer in understanding one another, but helped me realize that I had a passion for writing.  In April, 2015 I traveled with my father (Manny Steinberg) to Germany for the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the Vaihingen Concentration Camp. The small city invited survivors and their families to their quaint town to celebrate life and pay tribute to the people who once suffered at the hands of their countrymen and forefathers.  It was an emotional trip to say the least, but my dad endured it at 90 years of age.

One of the events that we attended, was at a local high school where students asked questions of the survivors.  I thought to myself, there in a room filled with 15 – 17 year old kids asking so many questions; how do we as parents and grandparents explain the holocaust to younger children?  I thought about it for several days and when I sat down to write, the words came flooding to me. I remembered when I was a little girl, my dad telling me bedtime stories and all about the young boy and his family who once lived in Radom, Poland.”

Praise for Mendel

“Passing along family history and the simple lessons of life to our children is maybe the most important responsibility parents have. Perhaps the most challenging lessons are those that deal with reality and the fact that bad things happen and children need to know this without scaring them.

If your family is Jewish, this a great book to start to teach the kids in a gentle way some of the more difficult parts of history. It is an excellent tool to generate healthy questions and discussions.”

The drawings are great punctuations in the story and themselves a great way to engage children and let them talk about what they see. Read this book to your children and then have a chat about Mendel and his family and then talk about your family.”

Mendel is available in English (eBook and Print-on-Demand paperback), and in French.

Mendel _anita_lavi_amsterdam_publishers

Safari to Hell by Nemon

safari_to_hell_nemon-amsterdam-publishersSafari to Hell by Nemon

In December 2014 Amsterdam Publishers released Safari to Hell by Nemon, nom de plume of the renowned Dutch lawyer Bob van der Goen. The book is available as eBook and paperback on Amazon.

The thriller reached the status of #1 bestseller in the category Psychological Thriller on Amazon on 25 January 2015, one month after publication, and received more than twenty positive reviews.

Safari to Hell is a blood-curdling literary thriller of a different Africa than the one we know, a place where you only come out as a billionaire or a body.

A young, inexperienced Dutch lawyer applies for a job at a renowned law firm. With his poor credentials chances are slim he will ever get the job. Much to his surprise, he is hired at a generous salary. The law firm immediately whisks him off to deepest, darkest Africa, on an important assignment, with next to no instructions. What begins as a promising business trip, appears to be his one-way ticket to hell.

Caught up in a true horror story, the young lawyer is powerless to escape the nightmare. This safari to hell lands him in the middle of illegal transactions and money laundering by corrupt politicians. He even gets lured into the bed of the wife of the most ruthless politician of the country..

With innocent people dying under suspicious circumstances all around him, his life is always hanging by a very thin thread, as he learns when he is invited to sign his own death certificate. He has no way out of the country, and when he rings his firm no one seems to know him.

The author, a leading international lawyer himself, has wonderfully crafted the character of the young lawyer with a great eye for detail and the workings of the human mind.

If you love a fast-paced literary thriller with a plot that keeps you guessing, this book is definitely for you. The action and psychological terror will keep you turning pages until the end.

Literary thriller about the power of evil set against the background of a terrifying reality

Praise for Safari to Hell

Bone-chilling. Everyone needs to read this” – Prof. Dr. Bob Smalhout

“Exciting build-up from exposition to shocking conclusion”. Truly a literary thriller – Jacques van Ek

“I’ve read ten thousand books, and this is one of the most fascinating. Literary masterpiece of the highest order” – Martin Ros, publisher

Wow, what an amazing ride! Full of fast paced suspense, political escapades and shear fear, this book will keep you on the edge of your seat.” – Amazon reviewer Nicole – December 2014

Truly a great read for those that enjoy international intrigue. From the prologue to the end I found myself constantly trying to second guess the ending. I never saw it coming! We get wrapped up in the life (and terror) of the life of a first timer to Africa> As I read the well developed characters’ stories it was almost as if I were there. I found myself wanting to take notes at points because it very much seemed as if this came from a real life experience. If you like the international suspense genre, you will love this one! Well done!” – Amazon reviewer Dr Mark Smith January 2015

About the author

Nemon is the nom de plume of Bob van der Goen (Amsterdam 1940), a former attorney, now author living in Amsterdam. As a practicing attorney he and his firm handled many cases that made international headlines.

For a complimentary press copy of the eBook or foreign rights please ask

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DCI Jac of Amsterdam

DCI_jac_of_amsterdam_poisonous cityA Poisonous City – DCI Jac of Amsterdam

Amsterdam’s most famous Police commissioner, who was head of the Drug & Murder Brigade, is found poisoned at the age of 81. Why not let nature take its course?

The investigation is handed to Jac Roggeveen and her squad in Amsterdam. Jac is DNR’s youngest DCI, outspoken, rather Dutch in many ways.

As Jac and her squad begin to probe the former Commissioner’s life, they uncover a trail of drugs, murders and corruption that leads from Amsterdam’s infamous Red Light District to The Hague, Belgium and Spain.

The criminal underbelly of Amsterdam is brought vividly to life by an author who worked in the legal profession in The Netherlands for many years and who has been involved in some of the country’s major cases of the last twenty years. Many of the characters are based on real people and real events. The book is the first of a trilogy DCI Jac of Amsterdam.


Part 2 in this series DCI Jac of Amsterdam will be A Deadly Spiral


A murderous spiral of killings break out in Amsterdam. DCI Jac’s squad are ordered to take charge of the investigation when the most horrific quadruple murders ever to take place in The Netherlands threatens to engulf the city in a deluge of blood. A power struggle for control of the lucrative drugs market is taking place. Can Jac & her squad stop the killings before more dead bodies are discovered? Over it all the shadow of Katja looms over the city.

>>> Available as paperback and ebook from Amazon.

Coping with Chronic Pain

Amsterdam_publishers_coping_with_chronic_pain_for_you_and_your_family_&_friendsCoping with Chronic Pain by Anna Raymann

Amsterdam Publishers has been acting as the agent for three authoritative eBooks on coping with chronic pain by Anna Raymann.

The author worked as a physiotherapist until the age of 40, when her chronic back pains prevented her to work any longer. She then started blogging about her life of dealing with chronic pain and her health, which was deteriorating and stopping her from leading the life she wanted.

Her discovery that many chronic pain patients have difficulty in maintaining a proper social life, led her to write these three eBooks in the series Coping with Chronic Pain – a team effort.

They have been written for three different social circles, since all three have different issues and problems to tackle. The eBooks are practical and offer very clear Dos and Dont’s. They have been well written and offer a lot of insight for both Chronic Pain Patients as well as their social environment. Recommended reading!

Coping with Chronic Pain – a team effort:

Book 1: For You and Your Partner
Book 2: For You and Your Kids
Book 3: For You and Your Family & Friends


Coping_with_chronic_pain_a team effort_for_you_and_your_kids

The author encourages you to partake in discussions and to leave your review on Amazon. For more information please see:

A few excerpts from the many 5-star reviews the books received:

  • “A Phenomenal Piece of Work – Get This Book and Live a Better Life!!”
  • “This is a very significant guide for everyone of us, as sooner or later we may find ourselves in either position. Don’t wait until the situation arises.”
  • “Anna Raymann understands that no one should suffer alone; not the chronic pain sufferer, family or friends. It is a team effort!”
  • “We all know how debilitating pain can be and how it can affect every area of our life. For those of us who have not experienced chronic pain, it is hard to imagine what that can be like. But most importantly we are often at a loss to know how to deal with the people in pain, so we distance ourselves because we can’t fix the problem, in order to avoid the feelings of guilt and uselessness, or we may say things that are supposed to be supportive when in fact all they do is add to the pain of the sufferer. This book is not only of use to the chronic pain sufferer, but to all people who come in contact with one. I particularly appreciated the fact that the person in pain does not expect us to FIX the problem. The list of all the do’s and don’t are very helpful, particularly the “black” list of things we should never say and the “Letter to a friend”. I cringe at the thought of some the things I have said in such circumstances trying to be positive, in total ignorance of how these “helpful comments” affect the person at the receiving end. This is a very significant guide for everyone of us, as sooner or later we may find ourselves in either position. Don’t wait until the situation arises.”



Little Kingdom by the Sea

Little_kingdom_by_the_sea_mark_zegelingLittle Kingdom by the Sea by Mark Zegeling

Since the 1950s, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines has presented Delft Blue miniature houses to its Business Class passengers. The replicas of these historic (canal)houses and national monuments are considered to be iconic of The Netherlands worldwide. The publication Little Kingdom by the Sea offers an exclusive peek into the lives of the inhabitants of the KLM houses.

Extensive research, including interviews with architectural historians and current residents, has yielded a wealth of new information, engaging anecdotes and unique and juicy stories.

The Blue Delft figures are being collected worldwide, and have turned many business traveler into avid collectors.


The eBook has been updated with a brand new chapter.


Little Kingdom by the Sea reveals the secrets behind the KLM houses. The book is a marvelous celebration of highlights of Dutch Cultural Heritage and Architecture. Liesbeth Heenk of Amsterdam Publishers will be acting as the agent for this Kindle ebook.

The eBook received numerous 5-star reviews on Amazon! A selection:

***** A Fascinating Introduction to Dutch Architectural History and Dutch Cultural Heritage

This is wonderful, almost impossible to put down, trek through Dutch architectural history and Dutch cultural heritage from the late Middle Ages to the present. While much of the book is devoted to historic buildings in major cities like Amsterdam and Rotterdam, the book does a fine job pointing out many of the most historically important buildings in other notable Dutch cities and towns like Utrecht, Gouda, and Delft. These buildings are those that have been chosen by KLM Royal Dutch Airlines to be depicted as Delft Blue miniature houses to those flying in Business Class since the 1950s, and a tradition that doesn’t seem to be dying out yet. I have to praise Mark Zegeling for writing a compelling look at both Dutch architecture and history, written in a lively, often engaging, prose style. This is one little book worthy of many a reader’s attention.” – John Kwok, Hall of Fame reviewer

***** Little Kingdom – Great Read!

“This book is such a delight! Starting by chronicling the history of the KLM Delft Blue miniature houses and monuments and their relevance to Dutch culture, the author then leads us on a fascinating tale that covers in detail the wonderful culture, art, architecture and history of the Netherlands.

Packed with intriguing anecdotes and strange but true facts, Little Kingdom is an impressive and beautifully illustrated book that will have you turning the pages for hours. A charming and truly captivating read.”

***** Little Kingdom: a Great Delight!

I am fond of Holland and love to stroll along the canals of Amsterdam. I often wondered about the inhabitants of these magnificent canal houses; what were their stories, their professions and passions. Now that I read Little Kingdom by the Sea I understand what went on behind those grand facades of the Golden Age. The optimism and spirit of 17th century Dutch entrepreneurs is truly inspiring!

In the past I never had the privilege of traveling business class with KLM so never received a Delft Blue canal house, but have seen them all over the world and understand why people are avid collectors of these replica’s. The book was a real eye opener to me, containing a wealth of information. Not dry facts, but juicy and fun stories! The Blue Delft KLM houses epitomize the Netherlands; the facades of the canal houses conceal wonderful and inspiring stories, some of which left their mark on the world. I can wholeheartedly recommend this book. Ideal to download on your Kindle when you travel to Amsterdam.

The Dutch version of Little Kingdom by the Sea is hugely popular; over 15.000 copies have been sold since its publication in 2013. The author, Mark Zegeling, has toured Canada and the United States to promote his book. The tour has been very succesful. In the near future some further publications will see the light, one of which is a book with a cover that you have never seen before, made by the Amsterdam based designers Dog and Pony.


 A Gorgeous Walk: KLM Houses



Amazing Women

amazing_women-by_audrey-soekhradj_amsterdam_publishersAmazing Women by Audrey Soekhradj

In 2014 Amsterdam Publishers handled the promotion of Audrey Soekhradj’s Kindle eBook: Amazing Women. In Amazing Women ten women tell their personal stories, women who do not necessarily regard themselves as inspirational. Each of them is special because of the confidence in herself, her ability to overcome difficult situations thanks to her resilience, her motivation and passion to make her dreams come true and her ambition to learn the lessons that life is presenting her. Interestingly, these inspirational women could be our friends, sisters, aunts, stepmothers, daughters, colleagues, neighbors, or simply anyone close to us. So close that we sometimes fail to see how remarkable they in fact are. Amazing Women can be best described as a personal, interactive book. At the end of each story you find questions to think about your own situation. Answer these questions on and you will get more information about the strength of the women, so you can learn how to become an amazing woman too.

In her work as career advisor and coach Audrey Soekhradj noticed that women often under estimate themselves. Even though they are beautiful and powerful they fail to give themselves the credit they deserve. Audrey herself has learned that setbacks are not the same as failure. If you can help and inspire others, despite your own doubts, you are a truly inspirational woman. With Amazing Women, she wants to show that we can all be inspirational, and that background, money, knowledge and life´s challenges do not really matter.

Ladies in Charge

Ladies_in_charge_audrey_soekhradjIn January 2016 we released the second eBook in the series Inspiration Women Stories with the great title ‘Ladies in Charge’. Let these ten women empower you with their personal story. Sometimes it is hard to do that on your own. These women have turned their lives upside down because they were desperate for a change. Do you hesitate about taking action and what exactly you should be doing? If you these stories you realize that you can also overcome whatever obstacles you face.

In order to realize their dream, these women dived into the deep and swapped everything familiar – friends, home or their country- for the unknown. That takes a lot of courage. How about you? Do you tend to take the easy way out? Or do you need a little help, a little inspiration perhaps from others, to choose instead a road with dangerous curves and unforeseen obstacles?

All women interviewed share their willingness to take control. They are ‘Ladies in Charge’. In some cases there is a fine line between willpower and rebellion, but they always act with respect for others. Each woman, in her own way is grateful for what her upbringing has given, even if this upbringing had shortcomings. They learned to make choices and live the way they want. You may call these women headstrong because they follow their instinct and do things their own way. That is what makes them enterprising, inspiring women. So, be ready and willing to take charge…! Stand up for yourself, free yourself from barriers, take control, and believe you can do it. If in doubt, just read the stories of these ten women. Have the courage to live your dream.

The purpose of this book is to motivate you and give you practical guidance for using your talents to the full so you can become financially and emotionally free. The hundred questions in this interactive book, will help you make decisions that will influence your life in a way that you feel confident to take charge of your own.

Want to preview Ladies in Charge? Click on the book below:


Richard Revisited

Richard Revisited, a novel - by Els LaunspachRichard Revisited by Els Launspach

In 2014 Amsterdam Publishers did the bookpromotion for Richard Revisited by Els Launspach.

King Richard III, whose remains have been discovered under a garage park in Leicester in 2012, is traditionally seen as a tyrant, a child murderer and a usurper of the English throne. How  much of this reputation was born of the facts, and how much of political urgence? How much of it is propaganda inspired by the first Tudor king, which was perpetuated by Shakespeare down through the centuries?

Opening with the spectacular findings in 2013, the Dutch well-known author and theatre critic Els Launspach portrays the intense dilemma’s in Richard Revisited faced by three writers on ‘history’: the statesman Thomas More, the seventeenth-century Master of the Revels George Buc and Jennifer Simpson, a witness in the Trial of Richard III broadcast by London Weekend Television in 1983. What truth should they serve: The immediate pressures of political expediency and public opinion, or a truth they personally pursue? In their efforts to be true to themselves, each risks either humiliation or loss of integrity.

Within the frame of the discovery of King Richard III’s remains, Richard Revisited offers a poignant image of three inquisitive minds caught up in an age-old struggle.

***** Download your copy of Richard Revisited here *****

Launspach shows convincingly that History does not exist, only a certain balance of interests. The author’s game with fact and fiction is clever and exciting. – Het Nederlands Dagblad

History and literature are brilliantly entangled. – Trouw

The totally unexpected becomes the hook in this brilliant character-driven novel. But don’t think for a minute that no action occurs. We all know that they have found Richard III’s remains, in the most unlikely venue. Here we see the now, the then, and history blends itself accurately with the present. If you like quality action, historical and character-driven novels based on new findings. This is the book to read. Els Lauspach has done an excellent job. The pace is fast. A novel written in the present tense, to the point that the past, Thomas Moores’ past, comes alive. It’s a definite must-read for those who like this fascinating genre. Alana Richmond

About the Author

Els Launspach (MA 1981) is a novelist and essayist. She worked for various theatre groups in the Netherlands, among them the Mickery Theatre of Ritsaert ten Cate. She has published widely on theatre, art, mimetic theory and screenwriting. Launspach is regarded as a specialist in Greek tragedy and Shakespeare, lecturing all over the country and teaching at the Amsterdam Hogeschool voor de Kunsten. During the years she wrote seven novels for young people and three for adults. She lives in Haarlem. See also:



Mindful Weightloss

Many people wish to attain a healthy weight but only few are successful in achieving this goal. They try endless diets and are fed up with gaining weight as soon as they finished with their latest diet. Diets, no matter how good they may be, fail to address self-destructive issues that are often the root of the problem. Compulsive eating is all a matter of the mind!

Mindful Weightloss - Joanna Kortink

The definitive book on losing weight permanently

Mindfulness Weightloss by Joanna Kortink is a practical and uplifting book about weightloss that does not contain any recipes or special diets. Instead, it offers a challenging inward journey that will transform your relationship with food on a permanent basis. Rather than simply losing pounds, it helps you to achieve a healthy weight with lasting results. The author, Joanna Kortink, is a well-known Dutch nutritionist who approaches issues such as weightloss, obesity and compulsive eating from within. View all of her books on Joanna Kortink’s author page.

Mindful weightloss is a very easy to use eight-week program based on “Breaking the spell of emotional eating”. It contains various real-life examples and references to audio tracks with helpful exercises, while offering clear, step-by-step guidelines, based on the proven clinical benefits of mindfulness. The book offers a powerful solution to breaking out of the love-hate relationship with food forever! The method as described in Mindful Weightloss is tried and tested and has already guided countless people towards a healthy weight, and an overall feeling of well-being!

The book is available as Kindle book on Amazon.

In June 2014 the German version of Mindful Weightloss saw the light: Leichter durch Achtsamkeit: Eine neue Lösung mit nachhaltigem Resultat.

Leichter durch Achtsamkeit: Eine neue Lösung mit nachhaltigem Resultat


  • After many years, I have finally managed to develop a healthy relationship with food, without willpower.  – John
  • I lost over 20 pounds and my weight has been stable for years. –  Margret

The press

  • Mindful eating is the new diet – Faithful
  • Inspiring! – Health
  • Break out of the vicious circle – Psychology Magazine
  • I’ve been trying so many different diets over the last 10 years and none of them worked. I know I am an emotional eater. I’ll loose some weight and then things get stressful and I put it all back on.. I know how to cut back on the bad foods, how much to eat, but this book has given me the mind tools I need to embark on changing my mindset for ever. I am never again going to buy another “latest trend” diet book. One week down and already I lost more than I did in six months of so-called”dieting”. If you really want to lose weight, I highly recommend this book! – Jayne

Scientific researchers

  • It doesn’t promote a diet, but offers an approach to achieving permanent lifestyle changes, based on Mindfulness – Dr G. Noordenbos, eating and weight management expert (University of Leiden, The Netherlands)
  • An extremely valuable resource! – Professor I. Wolffers (health care)

Ending Emotional Eating – A New Solution for Eating and Weight Problems

People often eat when they feel anxious, depressed, insecure, irritated, tired or simply unhappy, which often leads to obesity. Ending Emotional Eating – a New Solution for Eating and Weight problems by Joanna Kortink and Greta Noordenbos provides a powerful solution to overcoming the love hate relationship with food. You will be able to discover your own personal pitfalls and learn how to achieve a balanced relationship with eating from within. The program takes nine weeks and includes many practical examples and clear step-by-step guidelines. The approach is based on the latest psychological findings and practical experience. The book is based on the same principles as Mindful Weightloss by Joanna Kortink, but is primarily focused on guiding instructors.

Ending Emotional Eating - Joanna Kortink

About the author

The author, Joanna Kortink, is a well-known Dutch nutritionist who approaches weightloss, obesity and compulsive eating from within. She knows eating problems inside out because she personally struggled with overeating for many years. You can view all of her publications on Joanna’s author page.

For the press

Should you wish to receive a press copy for review purposes, please contact

Amsterdam Publishers

Amsterdam Publishers is acting as agent for Mindful Weightloss and Ending Emotional Eating, and Leichter durch Achtsamkeit: Eine neue Lösung mit nachhaltigem Resultat, responsible for making them available as e-books on Amazon and taking care of their promotion during a limited period of time.


De Dromenbewaarder

De_dromenbewaarder_Rebekka_strijbisDe Dromenbewaarder – Debuutroman van teener Rebekka Strijbis

Tess, een zestienjarig weesmeisje, gaat een maand bij haar grootmoeder logeren in een klein dorpje midden in de Appalachen, Verenigde Staten. Vanwege een incident is ze naar haar grootmoeder Lucy toegestuurd waarmee de familie het contact heeft verbroken. Ze is vastbesloten niemand over haar geheim te vertellen.

In het dorpje treft ze niet bepaald de rust die ze zich had voorgesteld; er is veel spanning en haar eigenzinnige grootmoeder, de dromenbewaarder, heeft daar alles mee te maken. Tess maakt al snel vrienden met Capri en met de broers Allan en Eric, de buren van Lucy.

Tussen de opvliegende vader van deze broers en haar grootmoeder is veel onverwerkt verdriet en schuld. Tess ontdekt dat ze iets begint te voelen voor Allan en geeft uiteindelijk haar geheim prijs. Een meeslepend verhaal voor Young Adults.


Wie is Rebekka Strijbis?

‘Met haar debuutroman de Dromenbewaarder heeft Rebekka Strijbis waargemaakt waar ze al op tienjarige leeftijd van droomde. Ze is geboren in december 1998, als oudste van zeven, en zodra ze haar eerste zin kon lezen, is ze niet meer gestopt. Dat groeide uit tot verhalen schrijven die ze zelf graag zou willen lezen.

Ze krijgt thuisonderwijs en op dit moment is ze bezig zichzelf voor te bereiden om aan een universiteit Neerlandistiek te gaan studeren. Met De Dromenbewaarder won Rebekka Strijbis de Amsterdam Publishers Auteursprijs voor 2016.

De Geur van Amandelen

de_geur_van_amandelen_antje_oDe Geur van Amandelen – Antje O.

Elise zit in het laatste jaar van haar masteropleiding psychologie. Ze woont bij haar oom en tante, en heeft geen herinneringen aan haar kindertijd. Pas als haar tante zegt dat Elise steeds meer op haar moeder begint te lijken, komen de herinneringen terug in de vorm van flashbacks. Dit wordt versterkt doordat ze zichzelf als casuspatiënt neemt voor haar thesis over trauma’s uit de kindertijd.

Elise’s wereld is klein. Als ze niet aan het studeren is, helpt ze haar tante in de boekwinkel. Daar ontmoet Elise Maarten, op wie ze smoorverliefd wordt. Sindsdien blijft ze hem tegen het lijf lopen, maar ze durft haar gevoelens niet te uiten. Ze heeft niet voor niets een muur om zich heen gebouwd. Maar neemt ze wel genoegen met een stille liefde?

Antje O. is eenendertig jaar, schrijfster en pijnpatiënt. Ze heeft eerder het non-fictieboek Leven met pijn Een praktische gids voor CRPS-patiënten en hun omgeving geschreven. De Geur van Amandelen is haar eerste roman.

De Geur van Amandelen van Antje O. is te verkrijgen als ebook en paperback op, andere online uitgeefkanalen en boekhandels in Nederland en België.


Anna Tjumina book on


Leven met pijn

amsterdam_publishers_leven_met_pijn_antje_o._Leven met pijn. Een gids voor CRPS-patiënten en hun omgeving

Op CRPS Awareness Day, 7 november 2016, verscheen een nieuwe publicatie van Amsterdam Publishers over deze ziekte.

CRPS, ofwel het Complex Regionaal Pijn Syndroom is een relatief onbekende maar buitengewoon pijnlijke ziekte. Gelukkig geneest het merendeel van de patiënten binnen enkele maanden. De overige patiënten behouden echter de klachten en belanden in een langdurige of zelfs chronische ziektetoestand.

CRPS heb je het hele jaar door. 7 november 2016 stond, zoals elk jaar, in het teken van deze aandoening. Het doel is immers CRPS onder de aandacht brengen aangezien veel mensen nog nooit van deze complexe aandoening gehoord hebben.

Omdat ook Antje O. CRPS heeft en haar steentje wil bijdragen, heeft zij ervoor gekozen om haar boek Leven met pijn Een gids voor CRPS-patiënten en hun omgeving op de CRPS Awareness Day te lanceren.

Leven met Pijn is te verkrijgen als ebook en als paperback bij onder andere:

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Boekhandel Paagman





Recensies van Leven met Pijn

Een boek wat mij helpt mijn ziekte te doorstaan en dat geldt ook voor mijn man en familie. Review van TtJong op 17 januari 2017

Boek is duidelijk, sommige delen zijn informatief, andere delen van het verhaal zijn persoonlijke ervaringen met pijn. Review van Jeetje37 op 11 januari 2017

Dit boek leest super vlot! Alles is heel goed uitgelegd, eenvoudige zinnen en duidelijke ‘mensentaal’ (geen vakjargon). Ik heb het in één keer uitgelezen. Het is ook allemaal ontzettend herkenbaar als je zelf de ziekte hebt/had. Het is fijn om te weten dat je niet alleen bent. In het boek staan ook soms dagboekfragmenten en die maken het verhaal alleen maar persoonlijker en dus ook 100% geloofwaardig. Een schitterend schrijverdebuut! Review van LiesBis op 1 december 2016

Leven met pijn is in een duidelijke en toegankelijke taal geschreven. Met een mooi evenwicht tussen de formele informatie en Antjes persoonlijke verhaal. Een erg herkenbaar boek omdat ik zelf ook CRPS heb. Het was trouwens ook erg leerrijk om het verhaal van haar ouders en partner te lezen, want de CRPS heeft ook een impact op de omgeving. Ik heb het boek nu aan mijn partner gegeven… Heimelijk hoop ik dat hij op die manier wat meer besef heeft van de emoties en obstakels waarmee CRPS-patiënten te maken krijgen. Review van VIM1986 op, 23 november 2016.

***** CRPS is een onzichtbare ziekte. Aan de meeste patienten zie je dat ze ziek zijn, maar bij CRPS-patienten zie je niets. Nooit geweten dat het een van de meest pijnlijke ziektes is waaraan je kunt lijden. Ik vind ”Leven met Pijn” door Antje O. echt een aanrader omdat ik nu pas weet wat een pijnpatient meemaakt. Niet alleen een eyeopener voor mensen in de omgeving van een CRPS-patient, maar ook voor CRPS patienten zelf.  Ze vinden veel praktische tips in dit handboek. Review op

**** Doorleefd verhaal waarbij de vlag de lading dekt. De auteur is heel moedig en vechtlustig. Haar para-medische achtergrond heeft zij goed benut om beknopt en evidence based de therapeutische mogelijkheden van CRPS uit te diepen. Het boek is doorspekt met persoonlijke ervaringen. Voor lotgenoten moet dit een must have zijn! Ook voor de omgeving en partner van personen met CRPS is dit een mooie handleiding die de noodzaak van een warm vangnet benadrukt. Een ode aan haar liefdevolle partner en familie. Eerlijk en toegankelijk geschreven. Review op Standaardboekhandel

**** Bij de eerste 2 regels dacht ik al dit had ik kunnen schrijven.. Erg duidelijk geschreven met bijna alle behandelingen die op te noemen zijn vermeld. inclusief persoonlijk geschreven stukjes van mensen dicht om haar heen. In principe is het makkelijk uit te lezen (als je hier wel energie voor hebt 😉 Ben erg blij dat ik dit boek gekocht heb! heb is herkenbaar en confronterend, maar er zitten ook zeker dingen in waarvan ik denk. Review op bol.

***** Na een verzwikte enkel ontwikkelde de jonge verpleegkundige, schrijfster van dit boek, een aandoening die Complex Regionaal Pijn Syndroom heet, afgekort tot CRPS. Haar gevecht tegen deze invaliderende ziekte, haar ervaringen bij behandelingen, pijnbestrijding en revalidatie beschrijft ze in dit boek. Naast een egodocument – eigen ervaringen zijn herkenbaar in grijze kaders gevat – is dit boek ook bedoeld als handleiding en zelfhulpgids voor mensen die aan CRPS lijden. Een vlotte schrijfstijl en ruime lay-out maken dit een zeer toegankelijk boek. Er is tevens veel zorg besteed aan de vermelding van bronnen en hulpadressen. Review van Willy Salemink op bol.

***** Bijzonder nuttige gids voor alle CRPS patienten en hun omgeving. Review op Goodreads.

***** Antje heeft recht van spreken. Zij weet wat het is om CPRS te hebben. Ze vertelt in haar boek dat de pijn er altijd, altijd is, alleen wisselt het in intensiviteit, duur en frequentie. Soms voelt het als een kneuzing, veel vaker alsof honderden messen in je lijf gestoken worden.
Je leven staat op z’n kop, als je CPRS krijgt. Je feestjes zijn niet meer zo leuk en makkelijk, je kunt misschien niet meer bij dezelfde baas blijven, of het handig is dat je kinderen krijgt, is maar de vraag, sex is vaak ongemakkelijk. Mensen begrijpen je niet. “Je ziet er zo goed uit.” Slapen lukt vaak niet. Hoewel Antje veel verdriet gevoeld heeft, om alles wat ze moet missen, is ze niet bij de pakken blijven zitten. ‘Was mich nicht umbringt, macht mich stärker’ Deze spreuk van Nietzsche citeert Antje en ze maakt hem ook waar. De weinige energie die ze heeft, heeft ze oa gebruikt om deze gids te schrijven. Het boek is voor een deel een autobiografie, en voor een groot deel een leidraad voor CPRS-patiënten. Ze vertelt welke medicijnen (een héle lange lijst!) en therapieën mogelijk kunnen helpen, ze geeft adviezen voor het gesprek met de dokter, tips voor meer bewegen, tools om het gesprek met je kinderen aan te gaan over CPRS.
Ik denk dat CPRS-patiënten veel aan dit boek kunnen hebben, en ook hun familie en behandelaars. (Ook de ouders en haar partner komen aan het woord!)
En ik hoop dat ze (patiënten én familie) vooral het advies ‘Neem de tijd om te rouwen’, serieus zullen nemen. Ze hebben heel wat verlies geleden! En dán pas kan je weer verder met je leven, met alle ups en downs. Aanbevolen! Review op

En een hele mooie waardevolle recensie door Wout Joling is te vinden op

Over Antje O., auteur van Leven met Pijn

Antje was werkzaam als verpleegkundige toen ze op een dag viel en haar enkel verzwikte. Ze dacht dat de pijn na een paar weken over zou gaan, maar hij werd juist erger. De weken werden maanden en nu heeft ze al vier jaar CRPS, oftewel het Complex Regionaal Pijn Syndroom. Dit heeft haar leven ingrijpend veranderd.

Zodra Antje te horen kreeg dat ze CRPS had, begon haar gevecht met de ziekte. Ze wilde weer de oude worden en gaf dan ook alle mogelijke behandelingen een kans. Helaas werd zij niet beter en was ze na verloop van tijd uitbehandeld.

Hoe moest het nu verder? Hoe moest ze haar leven met CRPS vormgeven? Antje had behoefte aan een praktisch boek dat haar daarbij hielp, maar vond het nergens. Daarom besloot ze het zelf te schrijven.

Leven met pijn is een praktische gids met informatie over CRPS en de gevolgen van deze ziekte op het leven van de patiënt en zijn omgeving. De lezer krijgt bovendien tips aangereikt om het leven met deze complexe aandoening gemakkelijker te maken.

Antje’s ervaringen bij het leren leven met de pijn, de fysieke beperkingen, het onbegrip en de emoties waarmee ze te kampen krijgt, vormen de rode draad van dit boek. Antje ontdekt dat het leven niet ophoudt als je CRPS hebt en leert er opnieuw van te genieten, zelfs met pijn. Daarnaast doen haar ouders en haar partner hun verhaal, want ook voor hen is het niet gemakkelijk om met ‘die onzichtbare ziekte’ om te gaan.

Antje O. is dertig jaar, schrijfster en pijnpatiënt.




Sla met suiker

Sla_met_suiker_annemarie_heringSla met suiker door Annemarie Hering

Sla met suiker door Annemarie Hering is een krachtige debuutroman over een ontluikende homoseksualiteit die het leven van een Joodse vrouw na de Tweede Wereldoorlog in Amsterdam helemaal op zijn kop zet. Een openhartig en krachtig verhaal.

De Tweede Wereldoorlog is voorbij. Ook in Amsterdam is de wederopbouw in volle gang.

Tegen de achtergrond van grote maatschappelijke ontwikkelingen vertelt de roman Sla met suiker het verhaal van Annemarie en Peter die na een hevige verliefdheid trouwen. Een groot gevoel van geluk kenmerkt de eerste jaren en er worden drie kinderen geboren. Maar na verloop van tijd ontdekt Annemarie dat ze ‘anders’ is. Ondanks hun verbondenheid is zij niet volkomen gelukkig met haar echtgenoot; haar gevoelens brengen haar in verwarring. Uiteindelijk besluit ze op zoek te gaan naar wie ze werkelijk is. Als ze vertrekt, blijft Peter ontredderd achter.

Annemarie Hering schrijft in een heldere, anekdotische stijl hoe de twee mensen, ondanks hun scheiding, onlosmakelijk met elkaar verbonden blijven. Een krachtige debuutroman over een ontluikende homoseksualiteit.

Sla met Suiker door Annemarie Hering is inmiddels ingekocht door 97 bibliotheken in Nederland en 9 bibliotheken in België.

Sla met Suiker in de Pers

In Zij aan Zij van november 2016:


Een mooi stuk van Annemarie Hering over haar moeizame weg om haar manuscript van Sla met Suiker gelezen te laten krijgen door gerenommeerde uitgeverijen:

Uitgeverij of afzetterij? Waarom uitgeven via een uitgever niet altijd loont

Op maandag 21 november 2016 vond er een radio interview plaats met Annemarie Hering:


Sla met Suiker in West-Friesland op zondag 10 juli 2016:


Sla met Suiker door Annemarie Hering stond ook in Mokum Magazine van juli 2016

Enkele aanbevelingen voor Sla met suiker

Dit boek heeft me veel gedaan. Het is van het begin tot het eind een prachtig ontroerend verhaal van iemand die geleerd heeft te overleven, te overleven door eerlijk te zijn. En dat doen weinigen haar na! Ik raad het iedereen aan.” Jeroen Krabbé, acteur, schilder

“Een intens, maar vaak ook grappig verhaal. Maar soms grijpt het je ook naar de strot, met name als het gaat over haar twijfels aangaande haar geaardheid. Dat heb ik natuurlijk ook zelf meegemaakt.” Tony Neef, musicalster

“Sla met suiker is een eerlijk en herkenbaar boek, waarin via het verhaal van twee geliefden tegelijkertijd een hele periode beschreven wordt.” Alexander Jansen, ex-directeur van de Arbeiderspers

“Waar wij de ogen voor het leven sluiten, kijkt  deze dappere vrouw wanhoop, pijn en alle vormen van liefde recht in het gezicht. Ze vindt de juiste woorden!” Frederik de Groot, acteur

Sla met Suiker (ebook zowel als paperback)

is verkrijgbaar via, in de boekhandel en via

Tijdens de EuroPride weken van 23 juli tot 8 augustus organiseerde boekhandel Vrolijk samen met de Shakespeareclub van het COC en Amsterdam Museum lezingen en interviews in het Amsterdam Museum.
Op donderdag 4 augustus vertelde de auteur Annemarie Hering over haar boek en was er een signeersessie.


Op 8 oktober 2016 signeerde Annemarie Hering haar boek Sla met Suiker

in de bibliotheek in Hoorn


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skopelos_by_els_boot_amsterdam_publishersSkopelos by Els Boot

 A novel about an inner journey of self-discovery by Paul van den Berg, a gay Christian man. It describes the emotional struggles of a banker who is stuck in his daily routines and almost autistic habits. Because of his strict religious background he had never been able to come to terms with his own homosexuality. Skopelos – a narrative about a quest for Ithaca is his story.

The protagonist, Paul, is an accomplished sixty-year-old succesful Dutch banker. He grew up in a strict reformed family in the Netheralnds and has been struggling with his homosexuality ever since. By being hard on himself, never allowing any emotions and always maintaining a firm order,  happiness has eluded him.

One day, he receives a phone call from Skopelos, a Greek island informing him that Dimitris, an old friend has died and has named him as one of the beneficiaries in his will. Paul inherits the house of his friend. Memories and fond thoughts of Dimitris cause havok; chaos strikes in his carefully structured and balanced life. Confused and anxious, he travels to Greece, and when he arrives in the port of Skopelos, he is subjected to a roller-coaster of emotions, sadness and regret. Finally, after all those years he dares to come out and finds peace with himself and his surroundings.

The book strikes a chord with Christians all over the world who struggle with a strict upbringing in which there is no place for homosexuality.

The author Els Boot about Skopelos

The story about this quest for Ithaca sprouted after my friend Dimitris died of a heart attack. In the years that I’ve known him, he often told me about a friend living in the Netherlands. The last time I spoke Dimitris he said he planned to visit him again, after forty years. Unfortunately he never got the chance to do this. A few months later Dimitris died.

I forgot the name of his Dutch friend and because of this, could not search for him. Gradually the idea for this story unfolded. It is actually not a novel but more of a narrative or a trip report in a metaphorical sense. I deliberately chose to tell the story through the eyes of Dimitris’ friend. This way, the death of Dimitris feels not without significance. The comparison with Homer’s Odyssey is therefore logical.

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