Amazing Women

Amsterdam Publishers has been acting as the agent for the promotion on Amazon of the eBook by Audrey Soekhradj: Amazing Women. Powerful Stories about resilience, confidence, passion and ambition.

Amazing Women by Audrey Soekhradj

Inspiring Women Stories from 10 Amazing Women about Resilience, Confidence, Passion and Ambition

In the eBook Amazing Women ten women tell their personal stories, women who do not necessarily regard themselves as inspirational. Each one of them is special because of the confidence in herself, her ability to overcome difficult situations thanks to her resilience, her motivation and passion to make her dreams come true and her ambition to learn the lessons that life is presenting her. Interestingly, these inspirational women could be our friends, sisters, aunts, stepmothers, daughters, colleagues, neighbors, or simply anyone close to us. So close that we sometimes fail to see how remarkable they in fact are.

Amazing Women can be best described as a personal, interactive book. At the end of each story you find questions to think about your own situation. Answer these questions on and you will get more information about the strength of the 10 women, so you can learn how to become an amazing woman too.

In her work as career advisor and coach Audrey Soekhradj noticed that women often undervalue themselves. Even though they are beautiful and powerful they fail to give themselves the credit they deserve. Audrey herself has learned that setbacks are not the same as failure. In the author’s opinion, if you can help and inspire others, despite your own doubts, you are a truly inspirational woman. With Amazing Women, the author wants to show that we are all inspirational, and that background, money, knowledge and life´s challenges do not really matter. The question is whether you give yourself the chance to feel like an inspirational woman. Discover the inspirational woman in you with this book, Amazing Women!

Amsterdam Publishers

For a couple of months in 2014 Amsterdam Publishers has acted as the agent for the publication and the promotion of the Kindle version of Amazing Women. Powerful Stories about resilience, confidence, passion and ambition.